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Baby-sitters Club (BSC) #17: Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery (The First One with the Would-Be Logan Thieves)

Oh, this book is so middle school. I love it for that reason. The fear of storms, the spookiness of Halloween, the chain letter, the so-called “bad luck,” etc. 1,131 more words

Baby-sitters Club

Reed Hastings & Netflix

This generation is almost completely dependent on technology. Technology is a primary source in which this society heavily relies on for entertainment, communication and information sharing purposes. 1,007 more words

Baby-sitters Club (BSC) #16, Jessi's Secret Language (The First Very Special Book)

If my research is correct, this is the first Very Special Episode (book) of the Baby-sitters Club. That is to say, some of the other books have dealt with controversial/difficult issues (Stacey’s diabetes, Jessi’s skin color), but this is the first one to focus solely on a disability. 973 more words

Baby-sitters Club