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Lirik Lagu Chen - Best Luck (OST It's Okay It's Love pt.1)

Emang bener-bener ya, suara Chen bikin tubuh meleleh dan mungkin gak akan bisa solid lagi meski udah dimasukin freezer ;_;

By the way, siapa yang setuju kalo suaranya Chen cocok banget di lagu ini? 176 more words


Original Soundtrack - Howards End


Album info

Release: DS60f-2

Source: UHJ CD

Process: UHJ/II



Favorite Songs: Big O OST Stand A Chance

One of my favorite songs is from a rather unique anime called Big O.

Big O follows the adventures of a former police officer turned negotiator named Roger Smith. 264 more words


Favorite Songs: Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST Plains of Eternity

I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy series in general, but one of my favorite entries is Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels (Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns). 373 more words


Favorite Songs: Superman: The Animated Series Theme Song

Superman is the most iconic superhero in the world, probably.

Who doesn’t know the tale of a pod containing the titular character crashing down in small town Kansas, discovered by Ma and Pa Kent and raised as their own, eventually becoming the most powerful being in the world? 221 more words


Favorite Songs: Kibou no Yokan

I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs in the world. The first one is Kibou no Yokan, a song from the Card Captor Sakura anime. 199 more words


"ABO" (2013) Original Soundtrack

“ABO” original soundtrack by Leizel Banci

“ABO” is a short film produced for Mowelfund Film Institute directed by Jordan Pamintuan.