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Untitled: Something I wrote for school but never handed in

The first thing you noticed was the smell. A pungent, toxic smell that reminded you of your Aunt’s house when you would visit her on Wednesday afternoons and she had just been cleaning. 128 more words

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Timmy Parker: The Next Chapter


Man, sometimes I forget how hard Grady throws. One time I heard about a guy who would put a sponge in his glove for extra padding, maybe I should try that. 1,485 more words


Hello? Anyone out there?

Preparation for Nanowrimo Camp: FUN! :-D Is anyone else super excited? I sure know I am!!!

Okay, so I’m working on the same project as I have been last year for the past two camps and hoping to complete it this time. 369 more words

The Little Girl

(Note: This story is a bit…dark, so if you aren’t into those things, keep calm and carry on!)

I know of a little girl. She was innocent with eyes wide to see all that the world offered. 434 more words


Date: 3/15/2014: Shadows on the Playground Arc1Part1

by Victoria Arndt

Chapter One: A New School Year


The alarm on the dresser goes off. In the bed next to the dresser a boy moans as he wipes the sleep out of his black eyes. 979 more words

Original Stories

New Stories I Will Be Adding: Update 3/15/2014

Dear Readers,

I am starting a new original story and I would like my reader’s feedback on it. What can I do to improve the story? 25 more words

Original Stories

[Emotion Vent] Hiding

A new story? On this blog? Impossible!

But yeah, this is kind of a vent drabble because I didn’t feel so good lately, so here you go. 341 more words

Original Stories