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The Dave "DJ" Jephins Show

***This was written on September 12, 2010***

“Alright, everyone, that about wraps it up for ‘The Dave “DJ” Jephins Show’; so, until next time, stay beautiful! 743 more words

Bro. B.I.B.

Act Three

“…the manufacturer has finally issued a statement on the attack of their latest shipment to Epsilon 001. Here is the audio recording.”

           “We will not stand by while our Swan Song the Airjet 25 R is abused for hooliganism and capital crimes. 403 more words

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Act Two

         “The highly anticipated shipment of the Airbike Racing Series’s newest model is finally arriving at the largest Air Racing port in the galaxy today. The racing enthusiasts of Epsilon 001 are chomping at the bit to get a look at the new model in person. 394 more words

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Baral Favain and the Storm

Baral Favain is back! Again, for Grace, and written on short notice, so… perhaps not as purple or as long as usual. But I’ve slipped in a few more funny Beasts for Rachel who’s having a lousy week to laugh at. 1,398 more words

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Act One

          When I was younger there was an airbike model that caused a lot of trouble. Well it wasn’t the bikes fault really. It was an Airjet 25R, R cuz it was the racing inspired model, though unlike most racing inspired models these days, it could run circles around professional rides. 838 more words

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Baral Favain and the Lesson in Luck

Seeing as how it’s Friday 13th – unlucky for some – I thought I might enlist Baral Favain and create a topical short story for the occasion. 2,054 more words

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