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6 Days

Sometimes a story comes to me through an image, a random thought, a song…I used to think I just had an over active imagination. I haven’t quite gotten used to calling myself a writer but I do understand better now that it’s not just imagination. 721 more words

The Writer's Eye

I want you to want to exist with me (April 22, 2014)

“I shouldn’t tolerate
a man simply acknowledging
that I exist,”
She said. “I deserve
to be with someone
who wants
to exist with me.”

Original Work

Creation (Draft #2)

The room is cold, but the girl does not feel it. She molds a blob of clay into a hand identical to her hand. She looks at her face in the mirror that makes up the entire wall. 841 more words


Forgive me

The grandfather who raped a small girl,
he will always be remembered by that one act.
He couldn’t possibly be the same man who went to war and came home forgotten.


The Chickens Rehearse!

You’ve got to do it. You want to do you best and, anyway, you’re in too deep. You’re attached to show and all the people involved and you’re just thrilled to be a part of it. 462 more words

Anywhere Theatre Festival

Remind me of him

The sweet smell of cinnamon
hanging loosely in the air like orchids,
The sound of loud bass music pouring
out of the speakers,
I asked her what was the purpose of all of this, 8 more words