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Illegal Tender 5x03

Apparently Emil’s ‘berserk button’ is mentioning how much he cares about things. These two never fight so this is a big deal. But all relationships have troubles. 31 more words


Dream Train Encounter

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you met someone and almost immediately there was this inexplicable click, or connection (or whatever you want to call it)? 301 more words


stockholms projection i

the room is blank and white. there are no windows, no doors, not even furniture, only panels and emptiness and a little black glass dome in each of the four corners high above her. 1,664 more words

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Guitar Concerto No.I

The first movement of my Guitar Concerto. I hope you enjoy listening to it.


The Clouds

Today, I sit in a sterile laboratory. I watch the clouds through the window, and I am jealous… and they just drift. It is time for me to leave, but I feel stuck.

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Return to Tyrant

So I returned to working on Tyrant again. I think it’s high time got that going again. Firstly it makes sense to go there since my writing has gotten back on back on track again, albeit a pretty bumpy track so far. 186 more words



Sometimes you just need to start fresh and go back to the basics.  This applies both to musical choices (I grew up dancing around to Creedence Clearwater as a wee child) and Design. 176 more words

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