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Dad's Tree

He’d said that when he died he wanted to be buried under it. The reason being he had already ‘died’ under it one hot afternoon back in ’56. 720 more words

Containers - photo challenge

Containers, containers, containers, they are all around, every shape and color.  But living containers are a part of our everyday world, that if we did not have, we would not be here long. 101 more words

Making A Difference

Chapter 7

Chapter 6 | Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

“Is she okay?” Quin asks, nodding at Fey. He’d hardly had time to tell them he was their third partner before class started.

729 more words


Obsession by Kat Webber

The puzzle revolves, evolves, never solves

The brain is at war with itself

To determine the facts, the truth,

To see with clarity, to know in absolutes again. 152 more words


Lest We Forget

A more serious post today. Yesterday I went to a protest against the atrocities taking place in Gaza with even greater force than usual. It was a bittersweet event: sweet because thousands of kindred souls, just as angry and pained with the situation rose up and came together, bitter because it is apparently still very much necessary after all this time. 144 more words



Excuse the obnoxiously long title but it is true.  Back in college when I used to draw more for my etchings I really only drew these weird human anatomy skeletal muscular things. 46 more words

Original Work

Waiting Room

He awoke to an intense, even blinding light. Through the open doorway he could see another room. “Hello?” he called nervously, his voice faltering slightly. He was met with silence. 401 more words