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state lottery

she had tracks

stabbed up her arms

and someone’s kid

stuffed in her belly

and she was trying to tell me

(while she was drawing on a cigarette… 61 more words

Original Work

Something Good

The concept behind A Letter in Mind was for artists to create small works and donate them to the National Brain Appeal. These pieces were available for purchase, with all £80 of the sale going to the charity. 213 more words

Original Work

Daily Writing Part 44

Random words of the day: Plug. Butter. Contract

Because of the word contract I was constantly steering towards a limerick with an infernal theme, starring of course that one guy with horns who, oddly enough, is called both the lord of darkness and the lightbringer. 102 more words


Tak Ada Pilihan Pt. 2

Dari sini sudah bisa terdengar suara mesin tank dan langkah prajurit. Tak ada pilihan, tak ada harapan….

Mau tak mau kita harus mempercepat pengisian bahan bakar… 142 more words

Short Stories

Hard Sci-Fi and Nannites

My works here are labeled as Hard Science Fiction for a reason. All the human technology used in the war is as realistic and reasonable as possible. 1,087 more words

Hard Sci-Fi

Daily Writing Part 43. Story of Poems 14

Random words of the day: Coal. Chapel

A fairly easy one today, which is kind of nice for once. It may just be a good thing I don’t always have words so easily – for me at least – incorporated in a story, though, or I’d hardly be writing at all. 77 more words


Daily Writing Part 42

Random words of the day: Poem. Bundle. Custard

Let’s continue on the silly track, shall we? The odd word out today really affirms what I’ve been saying… 151 more words