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Aka Kaye

Kicking it back with a new kick start
Imagining myself anew
Meddling in ancient magazines on new
      movie scenes
Because normal life is so last season… 109 more words


Mysteries of Bobby and Me

Bobby is my best friend.  Been my truest and most loyal pal since fourth grade.  He’s been in on and by my side through more scraps then I can even remember.   2,206 more words


Walking home from a pub

It is nice
every once in a while
to look up and see
the stars
that anoint
the cold, black sheet of night

and wonder… 33 more words


In a dream I see you
floating dovelike
in a sea of wispy white air,
hair flowing
wrapped in curls,
eyes shining
as if illuminated… 25 more words

Poem: Dedicated to those who struggle with change

I wrote this poem in four hours on July 15, 2014, the day I learned that someone well-known to my co-workers and me died the Saturday before.   223 more words


Night Flower

There is a flower that blooms at night,

Hidden away from every ones sight.

When morning comes,

It Hides,

It fades.

But darkness falls,

Petals blossom bright jade. 20 more words

Written Work

Cruel Summer

Hunched over the vat of used motor oil, Scotty and Osman watched intently as a black ant struggled to escaped its unforgiving viscosity. The doomed insect slowly sank and the boys, cousins, regarded each other, their mouths describing rubbery toroids. 177 more words