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Some thoughts from my walk in the woods today…

A puddle here, and a puddle there. The snow is washing away like the dirt on the windows, as the cleaning begins. 107 more words

Maverick, PI

The mountains stretched before Template Redhead like they’d been pixelated and then zoomed in. It was beautiful; from every direction rolled the characteristic peaks and troughs of the Black Mountains, dimly lit in the oddly grey-filtered afternoon sun of midwinter. 1,007 more words

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Short Story Prompt from 4/21/2014.

So I prompted Shirl for a short story yesterday, and I also prompted myself. Turns out the prompt I picked for myself was hard to write. 1,682 more words

Unfinished Flash Fic

It was 2 p.m, on a fall Saturday at the La Petit et Bon airport café. A wide faced gangly man of little import sat alone at a table for two. 200 more words

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Unpolished Personal "Poem" Thing

What do I want? It’s a simple question with no simple answer. It’s a question that has of late has been a bit of a puzzle piece. 288 more words

Original Writing


October 2013,

Fall broke late that year. A long muggy summer had finally sizzled to an end. A good thing too, for him, cool winds always brought a stable mind.

267 more words
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