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A Grand Experiment in original non-fiction/lyric prose/indirect address, titled "Haole" and vaguely inspired by Allen Ginsberg

You never knew you were the kind of kid who would grow into the kind of man who feasted off of control and packs of mint gum with a sunglassed snowboarder front, which was marketed as being… 425 more words

Lime Wedge

Marjorie put the dishtowel on the rack with a purpose and spun around to face me and the emotional mess I’d created.  Another minute crawled by as she honored me with her “I can’t hold it down anymore” stare.   377 more words

History is bastardisation. Pure and simple. A self-aggrandising account of the rich white male hell-bent on infesting all corners of the globe with his filthy lies. 662 more words

Social Justice


Do not surrender to the men

That measure our lives

In dollar bills and ballots.


Beginning of a Journey

Over the past few months (yes, months…you read that right), I’ve been studying the book of Exodus. In fact, it is through this that I have become quite the Old Testament junkie—like a five year old in a candy store—the longer I’ve lingered in this book, the more knowledge and history I crave to know. 781 more words

Original Writing

Apocalypse (When the World Ended)

When the world ended, as it always did, the ocean threw itself at the land. The clouds buried their pulsing electric fingers in the first things they touched- in trees, in the earth, and in people. 600 more words

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