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2014 April PAD Challenge Day 20: Write a Family Poem

The Life of a Spartan

Boys must be strong,

They must be fast and fearless,

Cunning and warriors of high class.

Wielding their shields, cutting down the enemy, 67 more words

Let Them Pour

If home is where the heart is then
Yours is a mortgage I’m happy to pay.
I think back on that lonely time when
All I could do was cry – you went away. 50 more words



How can you tell another human being that their mind isn’t “right” but wrong?
How can you outcast those who don’t think as you do? 195 more words


Written on April 10, 2014

Today there was a suicide. Today a boy who’s name I had heard only associated with positive things died. Today a boy I had never met felt so alone and so hopeless, he would have rather never seen another day than live the life he had been living for 18 years. 495 more words


So many are celebrating
This strange holiday
A day where they say
A man rose from the dead
And yet
Their holiday changes
A different day… 125 more words

Creative Writing

Becoming New Original by Me

This is a song that I actually just wrote today. I love it so much and I’m very proud of it. I hope you all like it too. 39 more words