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Night Rider

Just practicing landscapes…

How to get the perfect cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee at home

Firstly, you should get the freshest bag of coffee you can. Preferably, you want whole beans which you grind right before brewing. Make sure to get your beans right from a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant, as they seem to give a better taste than the supermarket Dunkin’ Original coffee, although both are very similar. 305 more words


Because I had move on

Someday, I will make you regret… ((Surely))

Regret you had ever left me…. ((U had))

Left me with so much heart ache…. ((but honey))

Heart ache will be yours now… ((Because)) 14 more words


Snow Has Fallen

It snowed today! Not much, but it settled slightly and it was a beautiful awakening.

Flakes did fall, I did joy,
At sight of cold beauty, 19 more words


Dramatic Pears

A couple more vibrant acrylic pears. They are small but mighty. The second one is a re-do of one I posted yesterday which although “fine” lacked some drama for me. 23 more words