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Early Universe Boiled Like Water

When I read today’s article, I instantly thought of the movie Men in Black. My brain shot to the scene in the morgue where a tiny alien living in the head of what appears to be a human gives Will Smith the cryptic message “The galaxy is on Orion’s belt.” Later, of course, we learn that there was an actual galaxy in an orb that is attached to the collar of a cat named Orion. 421 more words

Outer Space

Fork V

Fork V

A three-way surmise

Of Origin’s Origination

Deep along the stratosphere~

Orion’s belt plays Utility,

Glue grenades and all

To stick awhile with Grace… 12 more words



…whispering for my lips as they’re pressed to your neck, wet with your wanting my spirit breathes into your chest. My fingertips melt into the mesh of your sex, your skin sweats against my soul as it edges towards your nest, a caress like star shine lights your flecked stealth, my wealth of kisses stream your consciousness, my love a reflection in Orion’s sky blinding belt; anything but reckless, the inevitable connection of my blessed on your flesh, I can help you sleep baby I was born to help you rest…


Orion: Star Map of the Hopi

Like in myriad other ancient cultures, Native American Hopi mythology – and even their landscape – focus on Orion. Hopi mesas are laid out in the same pattern as the stars in Orion’s Belt and, since the Hopi moved frequently until finally settling down, it appears they may have chosen the location specifically due to this natural pattern and believed it to be a place from which they could contact the gods. 499 more words

Legends Of Origin - Fantasy Ebook Series

Pyramids – Gateway to Orion?

Legends of Origin fans, don’t forget that Book 3, Creator Species, will be published this week Friday, and a 25% discount will be offered to all who purchase it within the first three days of publication. 483 more words

Legends Of Origin - Fantasy Ebook Series

Legends of Orion

As readers will know, Orion’s Belt plays a big part in my sci-fi fantasy series, Legends of Origin. I can’t say I believe any of the legends surrounding the famous Orion constellation, but they do intrigue me – so much so that I rather enjoyed researching the Orion posts for my blog, and even learnt a few new things about the constellation in the process. 517 more words

Legends Of Origin - Fantasy Ebook Series