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Betelguese is the red star. I noticed its redness tonight.


Adam’s Calendar

This post doesn’t focus as much on Orion’s Belt as the ancient monument thought to be aligned with these stars, but I’m including it in the ‘Orion blog series’ anyway, purely because the monument is located in my home country, which might interest some readers. 727 more words

Legends Of Origin - Fantasy Ebook Series

Deepest Wonder

Deepest Wonder

(for Andrea Sepulveda)

Blackhole Surprises

In the farthest reaches

Of Space and Universe

Within the Constellations

She rests in Deepest Wonder

Of Orion’s Belt, 58 more words


Orion's Belt

Most couples have a favorite song, or a favorite movie or a favorite restaurant. We had a favorite constellation. Even though he’s no longer here, those stars still watch over me. 230 more words