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Another summer goodbye.....

My CF buddy (ie my Running buddy) will be gone for the next few days because he went to basketball camp.

The excitement….! His face is saying “ENOUGH with the pictures, Mom!!”. 207 more words

The family trip to Disney

I’m 22 years old and I still feel like a kid when I am in Disney… and there is no shame in feeling that way!  Here is a video recap from the trip. 7 more words

Report: Boy, 12, Lacerated Fingers On Pirates of The Caribbean Ride

ORLANDO (CBSMiami/AP) — Another incident on a Walt Disney World ride was reported three-months before a British tourist had a similar accident.

A report said a 12-year-old boy suffered cuts to four fingers on Walt Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride. 184 more words


The Butterfly Effect

Lorenzo Zayas has made the life cycle of butterflies his life’s work.

By Tyler King

Orlando magazine, October 2009

It’s a Saturday morning at the Winter Park Farmers Market and vendors’ tables are overflowing with finished masterpieces from the garden—juicy peaches, bright yellow squash, huge beefsteak tomatoes. 398 more words


Jumping for Joy

To local parkour enthusiasts, the ‘art of moving’ over obstacles is pure fun—and it should stay that way.

By Tyler King

Orlando magazine, December 2009… 519 more words



Uma das minhas viagens favoritas foi para Orlando, a cidade não só dos parques temáticos mas também dos outlets!! Nós fomos em três mulheres e a grande prioridade foram as compras.   353 more words