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44,000 lbs. Miller High Life Beer Stolen From Truck Stop

A truck driver started crying when thieves drove off with his semi full of beer from an Orlando truck stop.

Two trucks were actually stolen that day! 46 more words


Orlando day 6 - I think

I honestly don’t remember if this is day 6 or 5 or 7, but I digress. Today we had a free day and decided we wanted to do some shopping locally. 486 more words


"Other" Social Media- No Longer the "Red-headed Step Child" of Communication

More often than not, we all encounter the online social presence of our peers in some way shape or form. But unlike that awkward kid you sat next to in microeconomics who practically stalks your Twitter account, there is one type of social media user that is starting to generate a more noticeable presence in your news feed: organizations. 766 more words

Orlando. The book, not the place.

I am working on my Brownie badges, I can see I am not going to win them overnight and that is fine. We will just keep the Brownie Points themed season going until I’ve collected all the badges that I realistically can, or until it’s not fun any more. 1,012 more words

Reclaiming The Home

Orlando permaculture meeting!!

The time has come for something that has been long awaited for by many people. Interest has been expressed, an intention has been set, and it’s time to take action. 181 more words

Matt Hunter

Day 219: Orlando (Disneyworld)

Day 2 in Orlando and we were up early again, ready for another long day. Since we only had one day for Disneyworld, we had to choose between all the different parks we could go to and we ended up choosing The Magic Kingdom. 1,472 more words


Harry FREAKING Potter World!

Originally when we were trying (unsuccessfully) to plan a wedding at home, Theresa wanted to come to the States for our honeymoon and the way she pitched it to me was “Dooooo you want to go to America for our honeymoon? 325 more words