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Introduction to Sails.js

Sails.js is a Node.js server-side framework that is rapidly growing in popularity. This talk will walk you through getting up and running with building Modern Web Applications using a Node.js backend. 20 more words


MyBatis-CDI: Persistence Alternative for Java EE

MyBatis-CDI: Persistence Alternative for Java EE

ORM is a by and large proven technique that has been around for a long time now (believe it or not TopLink was created in the early nineties for Smalltalk and then ported to Java). 249 more words


Planning your OCR Racing Calendar

Obstacle Race Magazine

Planning your OCR Racing Calendar

By Michael Cohen Issue 5 July 2014

In this edition Coach Michael offers us some candid and great advice about how to manage your OCR race calendar, so as to avoid over-training and over-racing, plus the need to slot in rest and recovery periods. 1,689 more words


How to log SQL generated by Coldfusion ORM

Using coldfusion ORM has made the database CRUD operation very simple without getting into the complexity of the database operations. But this is also true that we may need to know what SQL queries are being executed by the underlying ORM engine. 703 more words


Why Your Online Reputation Matters and what can you do about it?

Reputation Matters: As a leader in your industry, your online reputation is extremely important. Plus, with the ever increasing popularity of social media, it has become increasingly easier for a strong reputation to be tarnished. 741 more words

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How to use readbeanphp orm

Use Readbean Orm for  Change Password:

$user = R::load('tablename', $session_user_id);
$user->username = "Bojangles";


Product Review - Obstacle Race Magazine #5

You can always tell your interest in a subject is getting serious when you start spending more time reading about it than doing it. For me the tipping point has been after the Spartan Beast (incidentally this feels like it happened ages ago and not last week) following which my work-day web browsing has become all about looking for more races and reading up on OCR. 1,107 more words