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Security Threat - Injection

An injection flaw can occur when untrusted data is sent to an interpreter as part of a command or query. The attacker’s hostile data can trick the interpreter into executing unintended commands or accessing data without proper authorization. 468 more words


Why ORM Software is essential for leaders?

Perceptions and behaviours towards risk are changing and so is the perception towards ORM. ORM is acquiring renewed credibility as a roadmap to add value to bu… 6 more words

Introduction to EntityFramework 6 Part 5: updating schemas


In the previous part of this series we looked at asynchronous DB calls and logging in EF 6. In this finishing post we’ll take a look at schemas. 452 more words


Why ORM Software is Essential for Leaders? | Visual.ly

Organizations around the globe are consolidating their resources to manage operational risks encountered in day-to-day activities that often result fr

Introduction to EntityFramework 6 Part 4: asynchronous operations and logging


In the previous post we looked at CRUD operations in EntityFramework 6. In this post we’ll look at the async coding features of EF. … 678 more words


A metamodel-driven approach for linking conceptual data models

Interoperability among applications and components of large complex software is still a bit of a nightmare and a with-your-hands-in-the-mud scenario that no-one looks forward to—people look forward to already having linked them up, so they can pose queries across departmental and institutional boundaries, or even across the different data sets within a research unit to advance their data analysis and discover new things. 1,427 more words

Conceptual Modelling

Introduction to EntityFramework 6 Part 3: CRUD operations


In the previous post we’ve got as far as generating our database and the Cars and user management tables. It’s time to add, delete and edit Car objects using the built-in capabilities of MVC 5. 1,285 more words