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How to use readbeanphp orm

Use Readbean Orm for  Change Password:

$user = R::load('tablename', $session_user_id);
$user->username = "Bojangles";


Product Review - Obstacle Race Magazine #5

You can always tell your interest in a subject is getting serious when you start spending more time reading about it than doing it. For me the tipping point has been after the Spartan Beast (incidentally this feels like it happened ages ago and not last week) following which my work-day web browsing has become all about looking for more races and reading up on OCR. 1,107 more words


Unit of work Design pattern with Repository and Session

Prerequisites : Repository Pattern

What is Unit of work pattern and why is it needed ??

According to Martin Fowler : ‘It Maintains a list of objects affected by a business transaction and coordinates the writing out of changes and the resolution of concurrency problems’.  1,638 more words


AQUAMAN Movie Supporting Characters Revealed?

Recently Warner Bros. announced that Jason Momoa will be playing DC’s Aquaman on the big screen. The question is – who will be jointing him in the 2018 movie? 126 more words


Doctrine orm:convert-mappings errors on primary key

I will not say much on this since this is a dirty hack :)
Doctrine will not allow you to use the tool to generate entities out of the database that contains tables without primary key. 100 more words


Setting up CodeIgniter 2 with Doctrine 2 the right way

So you’ve discovered the awesomeness of CodeIgniter and you need an ORM. You’ve read about people around StackOverflow and the CodeIgniter forums recommending Doctrine as an object mapper. 3,001 more words


A Review of BUS4074S E-Marketing

In the 2nd semester of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management at UCT we have an E-Marketing course. I was particularly interested in this course as digital marketing is becoming increasingly important and offers many potential job opportunities. 484 more words