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Glass Mapper and Custom Time Field

Every Sitecore developer struggled with the problem of implementing a time field and many developers found this article which provides good solution to the problem. The field works well, uses Sitecore built-in timepicker and is easy to implement. 779 more words


Brief on ORM

While starting rails, there is a confusion between ActiveRecord and ORM. Questions come like: are they same? are they different? what are those? In my previous… 243 more words

Ruby On Rails

ORM Tools: Take It or Leave It

At times I can be somewhat of a skeptical/cynical person. Prior to 2009, I had never used any ORM software in development. Database access was accomplished via SQL, DAOs, and boiler-plate population of model objects. 987 more words

Repository Pattern

Prerequisites : Data Mapper Pattern

If you look at the above patterns , you will always need to do the below tasks :

1.Find the connection string from some sort of configuration… 887 more words


Data Mapper Pattern

Prerequisites :  ORM’s , Active Record Pattern

This again is a kind of persistence pattern. But it differs from Active Record pattern. Generally when there is a very simple domain logic one tends to go with Active Record pattern. 413 more words


Obstacle Race Magazine - The Next Generation of Obstacle Course Racers

Obstacle Racing Magazine

The Next Generation of Obstacle Course Racers

Interview with Ross Cohen and Caine Johnson Issue 3 May 2014

As this issue has the theme of the next generation of obstacle racers so we thought it only fitting that we go in search of the elites of tomorrow. 2,616 more words