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Namco Bandai: "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution" - New Character Art & Screenshots | Nuevas artes de personajes y capturas de pantalla de Akatsuki

[EN]: Earlier today, Namco Bandai released new character art and screenshots of members of the Akatsuki for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution… 381 more words


Yamato Joins Hokage's ANBU! - Naruto Shippuden 356

Naruto Shippuden 356 begins with Orochimaru’s Snake approaching Kakashi and Yamato, to which they have to fight and escape due the poison. Yamato returns to Danzo with a fake eye to which it allows for him to express how he really feels about who he is, he fights his way out when Kakashi comes to rescue him, Hiruzen also appears in order to request Danzo to let go of Yamato so he could join his own ANBU squad ultimately helping and learning how to stop a raging Jinchuuriki. 

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Yamato vs Kakashi! The Sharingan - Naruto Shippuden 355

Naruto Shippuden 355 begins as Yamato is given the mission to go ahead and steal Sharingan from Kakashi and give it to Danzo. While Kakashi is on his own mission to find and kill Orochimaru, Yamato interrupts him as they begin a fight. 718 more words

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Naruto 667 Review

I really liked this week’s Naruto chapter.

For me, that’s saying a lot. It’s no secret here on Our Inked Obsession that I think Naruto… 1,114 more words


Orochimaru Escapes! Their Own Paths - Naruto Shippuden 354

Naruto Shippuden 354, titled “Their Own Paths”, follows the journey of Yukimi is which she is with Yamato when we left off during the first episode of today’s two episode special. 601 more words

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Yukimi's Day Out! Orochimaru's Experiments - Naruto Shippuden 353

Naruto Shippuden 353 begins with a two episode special where by Kakashi is seen to enter Iburi Clan’s hideout to which both Kakashi and Yamato are revealed to be on the same side. 677 more words

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What will do Orochimaru and Kabuto in war?


Kabuto will revive to Sasuke with (just Kabuto said) Hashirama’s cells.
Also Naruto will be good after sealed kyuubi to him by Obito.

I am sure Obito will die when he is fighting with Madara than I think Orochimaru will take back to Edo Tensei technique. 64 more words