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We thought it would be really cool to have some of our friends write a blog post! Something about adoption, Lesotho, our future child….whatever!  This is an exciting time in our lives and we have many friends that share in that excitement…or rather, an army of friends sharing in our excitement. 589 more words

Gaining freedom from an "orphan heart" (podcast)

On this talk show:  How to recognize if you have an “orphan spirit” or “orphan heart” and how to freedom from the lies you’ve believed! (Walker Moore) 12 more words


An Orphan's Tale, Part II

In hope of gaining attention of potential adopters, Karrie tried her best to maximize her visibility every time someone visited the facility. She even enlisted the help of the nuns at the orphanage; they were more than happy to help arrange meetings between her and potential sponsors. 163 more words

Tail-end Finds

We begin our trek back to the states and it’s a little bittersweet to leave. On one hand I’m excited to get back to my friends and family, but I’m also leaving family here in the Philippines. 154 more words

Follow my life's calling

Welcome to my blog!
I will be using this blog to keep you all updated on what the Lord is doing and where I go, I will be sharing with about my life and what I have learned. 122 more words


An Orphan's Tale, Part I

Karrie’s parents abandoned her when she was just a newborn. She was found at the doorstep of a fire station, wrapped in white towels. Karrie was later transferred to the local orphanage. 150 more words

So Close

First, grab a cup of coffee. Or tea. Or glass of water. Or whatever.
Second, sit down. No really…sit.down.
Are you sitting? Okay, this might get lengthy, but bare with me. 1,368 more words