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17. Burned, page 261, September 18

He laughed, but the sound was as wooden and hollow as footfalls on a gallows. “I believe all of us know very well how to feign ill health when it is to our best advantage. 327 more words

Serial Fiction

Book Review: The Graveyard Book (Book vs. Graphic Novel)

By Cheshire

As an avid Neil Gaiman fan, it’s time for a special feature! I read The Graveyard Book many years ago, but found the need to read it again to fully appreciate Volume One of its new graphic novel. 690 more words

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A BIG Dream

For over 15 years now, I have had a BIG dream. If you are a believer, as I am, then you know that a big dream is often referred to as a “calling”. 551 more words

Day 82 - The Runner

In the city of Canter, situated on a plateau which tapered to a fine point balanced on a gargantuan rock, the only and most vital currency was weight, and it was regulated to the gram. 325 more words

The Rim

Remembering the Forgotten Children - {guest post by Ingrid Lochamire}

I’m so grateful to have Ingrid Lochamire as a guest today. I’ll let Ingrid introduce herself, and tell you all how we met :-)

At a writing conference in Michigan last spring, I met a tall young woman with a captivating smile and a beautiful accent. 694 more words

Guest Post

Don't miss "The Forgotten Kingdom" in Ottawa Tomorrow!

Are you yearning to learn more about my new home in mountain kingdom of Lesotho?

Ottawans, here’s your chance:

Help Lesotho presents “The Forgotten Kingdom”, an award-winning film by Andrew Mudge (no connection to Help Lesotho!) that tells the story of a young man reluctantly embarking on a journey to his ancestral land of Lesotho (southern Africa) to bury his estranged father. 188 more words

Students watch documentary 'Orphans of the Genocide'

Xavier Lassiter - Arts & Entertainment Editor 

Addressing an audience, in a student center devoid of students, he made his point clear: his film wasn’t for them. 697 more words

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