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EighteenSixtySix Court & Suites hosts an Iftar ‘Giving back to the Community’ CSR initiative for 120 Lebanese orphans.

EighteenSixtySix Court & Suites is a new extended stay design hotel that will be opening this summer opposite the American University of Beirut.

A special ‘Giving Back to the Community’ CSR initiative Iftar for 120 children orphans between the ages of six to twelve from four Lebanese orphanages was held within the court area of the hotel on July 8th, 2014. 236 more words


14. Disclosure, page 203, July 22

Ethan’s grip slackened and he lay a heavy hand on her forearm. “Jo, I am not in league with Seth Gibson. I have followed him many times on his nightly roamings.” His voice grew hard as ice. 322 more words

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"Elephants can read your heart"

Take action – stop the Ivory Trade.

Anyone who buys ivory has blood on their hands.

Follow and support the great work of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


14. Disclosure, page 202, July 21

Ethan stepped away from her and stared toward the river. After a moment, he shrugged back his shirt, turned toward her and seemed to visibly taste his words before he spoke. 332 more words

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Torn Away

Sometimes books (and movies, TV shows, songs, commercials, etc.) make me emotional. I can usually shed a few tears and move on with my life. There are a few books, however, that turn me into someone even I don’t recognize. 1,046 more words



Today we played memory! Thanks Elisabeth!! Some of the kids needed to learn a lesson in waiting their turn and not cheating (peeking at the cards) but otherwise they enjoyed themselves. 15 more words

South Africa

Chapter 14. Disclosure, page 201, July 20

The locket means nothing. I want to hold onto it and pretend it to be something more than metal and memories, but to do so would be unfair to the children and just more pure foolishness on my part.

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