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Orphanages of 1900's

During my research on the novel I am currently working on, I had to find out more about the prevalence and modus operandi of Russian orphanages. 170 more words

Beryl (13) writes to a supporter. Wonderfully written.

On 24 Apr 2014 09:59  (email address removed for protection).

Hi Uncle Mark,

I am Beryl of class 7,thank you very much for taking us to Kakamega Rain Forest.We have learned about Trees as the mother Nature and we have to conserve them for life,without trees there is no life .Water will fade where there are no trees,we will not have air to breath without trees and many others,we have notes.The climate is determined by trees/Kakamega Rain Forest is green and very beautiful,I wish when you come we can all go there,there is a nice hotel where we can buy sodas and cakes,we do not need icecream there because it is cold.All the children are happy.Our mother sent 10000 shillings for sodas and cakes,the money was not enough.I was given the money to pay for the matatu,I paid 12,000 for going and coming back,at the Forest we paid money at the Entrance,we paid 350.00 each to get in so we had to take some money from Mama,she is so good and love us just like you.We really want to go Back one day,when you come you will see the notes we took.We are pleased with our Teachers,this time we will beat other schools in Geography and science.I am writing for everybody.We are busy going into the village to write for mama how many people are living and need clean water,mama said that our Mama Annie has a friend who want to help everybody here drink clean water,this friend have built a system to tap rain water for us and he has put windows and the door in class 1 so the boys can sleep there soon,we really love him and we want to see him,he is there in England.My friends are waiting for me and we are going into village to continue with our counting.We are always praying for you.We are all well except Duncan ate a wild fruit he became very sick,he has come from the hospital but still sick.Lawrence and John fell down into the hole and broke there legs,they were taken to the hospital and have big plaster on their legs,the teacher said they will be taken back to the hospital next week.Mark I was number one again in the Zonal mock and always number 1 in class with 430 and next person after me has 340,when you come bring for me books to read so that I can improve my English in writing and speaking,in future I would like to be A Doctor.

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Mending Horses, by M. P. Barker

Summary:  Daniel and his horse, Ivy, make their way in the world along with a group of unlikely friends.

Holiday House

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Historical Fiction

The Boundaries of Love

When we think of the word “love” our minds reflect on several aspects of love in our own lives. We have a love for our spouse, which is a strong heartfelt bond that’s greater than any other human relationship, and we have a love for our children that is equal in commitment and totally unconditional. 1,138 more words


Montana Bride

Karl Norwood was looking for a wife with children of her own. He wanted a family and will get that when his mail order bride comes, but he will know that she is hiding something from him.

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Thoughts On Books

8. Outcasts, page 114, April 24

Mary Elisabeth raised one heavy dark eyebrow. Josie sighed. “You can huff and puff all you like, Josephine Beatrice Delaney, but it will do us no good. 250 more words

Children Of Promise