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The Five Laws - Law #1

Some time ago Orrin Woodward pieced together what he calls the Five Laws of Decline.  It is the back bone to a book collaboration between him and Oliver DeMille called Leadershift regarding how we can turning things around here in the USA.   1,143 more words

Orrin Woodward

Electronics Addiction: Another Leading Cause of "Busyness"

Dear Lindsey,

It is astounding that the same tools that multiply efficiency of time can steal it in equal magnitude.  I would say that life would be better if electricity were never used, but wouldn’t that make me a hypocrite as I type on my word-processor and you read on your computer? 1,710 more words

"What Are You Telling Yourself?" by Orrin Woodward

Jim Woods has been a personal and executive coach for more than 25 years. He is president of InnoThink Group a human resources and leadership management consulting firm. 120 more words


Lazy Man's Opposing Look At Orrin's Pyramid Scheme Article

Lazy Man has been analyzing and critiquing multi-level marketing (MLM) programs since 2008. He first covered MonaVie and has expanded his investigations to companies such as One24, Protandim, Visalus, Vemma, Asea, and others. 167 more words


The Hourglass

Sometimes I lay in bed at night and think about the day’s events and just wonder if all of this is real? I have to pinch myself just to make sure that I am alive. 1,041 more words

Orrin Woodward

Scam/Pyramid --- Life Leadership?

This past weekend Mary and I spent our time down in Columbus, Ohio.  We had the honor to be around literally thousands of people from all walks of life (race, creed, color, age, religion, etc.) with the mindset to become better. 147 more words


LIFE Leadership Scam

Is Life Leadership a Scam?

I posted the following article on our Life Leadership Forums page, and it received so much traffic I thought it appropriate to also post it here as well.   1,424 more words

Chris Brady