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Ender's Game

It has been over fifty years since the buggers attacked Earth. But now, we suspect they are preparing for a final assault. Our last hope is a small boy named Ender Wiggin. 158 more words

Why We Should Still Read Ender’s Game in Spite of Orson Scott Card -- Part I

Special Appearance by Zach Powers

The Literary Table is proud to present Zach Powers from SeerSucker Live discussing Orson Scott Card and his work Ender’s Game as a reflection of and distinctive from his identity.   429 more words

Orson Scott Card

Speaker For The Dead - Orson Scott Card

After my very enjoyable read of Ender’s Game, I have now read the sequel, Speaker For The Dead. You may recall that after I finished… 622 more words

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Ender's Game Overview

I had forgotten how completely delightful I find this book. It’s a quick easy page turner, never spending too long in one place (either in time or in physical setting), with more than ample food for thought if one chooses to pause and have the thought (without bashing one over the head with the concept that “here is a thought I, the author, wish for you to have.”) 140 more words

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Art of Short Story

Inside every fat book is a thin book trying to get out…Unknown

Henry Thoreau said that to develop a good piece of literature didn’t have to be long but it would take a long while if you wanted to make it short. 892 more words

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