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What Are You Known For? - Director's Cut

I’ve asked 2 good friends and loyal readers to share their favorite blog posts.  Over the next few months, I will be sharing their thoughts and insights that they have shared with me regarding some of these posts.  678 more words

The Origins of Neo-Evangelicalism

Harold Oceknga is a name that is all but forgotten—both in the world at large and in modern Evangelicalism. There is some reason his memory has passed from our collective memory because he was born in 1905 and passed away in 1985. 785 more words


Video Evensong 1.8.14, Joseph of Arimathaea, Guardian of Christ's Body

And they came to him, took hold of his feet, and worshiped him.

VIDEO: Joseph of Arimathaea – Orthodox Music Online (this is worth seeing for the director’s expression at the end) 1,728 more words

Jesus Christ

Salve and Salvation 2

In spiritual perfection, the Christ reveals the nature of Salvation, making manifest the healing described by the Old Testament Prophets. Taking earth from the ground He makes a salve, or paste, in which He contributes His own saliva. 304 more words

Missional Community

Who guards the guardians?

It was, as many of you have said, splendid to hear the tones of Deacon Nick Donnelly again. In other places, a few mean-minded critics have criticised him for writing here, which is odd, given that most of those who take that view are fine with people who write things which run counter of Catholic teaching publishing; normally quite prepared to support anyone who questions Church doctrine, these people become almost ultra-Montane when they think they have a Pope who is on their side. 669 more words


The Gospel is not simply a “message.” It is a presence, a presence that attracts and invites and brings us into union with God. Evangelization therefore begins with prayer, both personal and communal.

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A Public Service Message To Fr Gregory Williams


Dear Fr Gregory Williams:

Forcing nudity upon baptismal entrants is a bad thing.