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The “Insider Threat Program” and the Government’s War on Whistleblowers

The Obama Administration’s Orwellian government employee snitch network, dubbed the “Insider Threat Program,” first made headlines about a year ago. I found it to be so disturbingly significant I wrote a post about it titled:  701 more words

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Why Have a Bill of Rights ?

In any free society that area of life which is left to the sole discretion of the individual includes all actions that are not specifically forbidden by a general law. 985 more words

Dr. Robert Owens

Obama's pathetic legacy

Even before Barack Obama is half way through his second term you can tell how woeful his legacy will be. Thomas Frank in Salon has written a cutting piece… 875 more words


DPRK- More Orwellian Than The Soviets Ever Were

Nineteen Eighty Four is, to my mind, the single greatest work of 20th century fiction; for once avoiding Orwell’s usual trap of making his satire overly heavy-handed, it deconstructs the motivations of a particular kind of totalitarianism so effectively and so cleverly as to be genuinely terrifying throughout. 1,547 more words


Singing Sweet, Sweet Lies in the "Land of the Free" and the Home of the NSA

A.W. Tozer once said that “Christians don’t tell lies, they just go to church and sing them”.

Sad and true as that observation may be, lying to one’s self by song is hardly an affliction unique to believers. 1,162 more words


Soap, Culture and a Spinning Orwell

I shouldn’t have done it; I really do know better. It was foolish of me and my only defence is that I was tired and vulnerable and clicked without thinking. 879 more words

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