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Slavery Building the Machine: The Common Core Documentary

The Common Core System of Education is”Just Another Brick in the Wall”to Dumb-Down the Next Generation ofAmericans; to Enslave them to the 1%.

ForbiddenKnowledgeTVAlexandra BruceAugust 24, 2014Let’s not kid ourselves: the Common Core system of education is “just another brick in the wall,” to dumb-down the next generation of Americans; to utterly enslave them to the 1%.SYNOPSIS”Building the Machine” introduces the public to the Common Core States Standards Initiative CCSSI and its effects on our children’s education. 166 more words



MarketThink is a particular way of thinking and talking about the world. It is described in the book ‘No-one makes you shop at Wal-Mart: the surprising deceptions of individual choice’ 202 more words

#MediaBlackout & #Ferguson

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Last night I had trouble sleeping and stayed up till 4 in the morning looking through twitter and what was trending. I came across this hashtag and was like… 806 more words


Pay no attention citizen; your Constitutional right to assemble is not being violated at all.

For those of you unaware of the situation unfolding right now in Ferguson Missouri, there has been a massive uprising for the last several days in response to an unarmed 18 year old black male (Michael Brown) who was shot and and killed by Ferguson police on August 9th. 176 more words

Freedom is Beginning to Look Less Free

Originally posted on my old (now defunct) blog shortly after the Boston Bombing; however, with the events unfolding in Ferguson, MO., it seemed appropriate to re-post it today. 349 more words

Police State