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Windows 10: Will professionals need Microsoft training?

As opposed to segregating the new Windows 10 into different versions for separate devices, Microsoft has released an operating system that works the same across phones, tablets, desktops, servers and a wide array of other computing devices. 7 more words

How well has Windows 10 Technical Preview fared?

Windows 10, a solution that promises to scale across everything between smartphones and workstations, was released as a technical preview in October.


Black Friday's Deal: Amazon App Store offers $130 Paid Apps for Free!

Sweetening the eve of Black Friday, Amazon App store is offering $130 Paid Android Apps for Free! The deal also includes Many Popular titles such as Angry Birds: Seasons, Sonic Jump, Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Photo Editor+, etc.. 122 more words


Windows XP Review

Microsoft may cut the support to Windows XP, and this makes it a “scrap-OS.” But, this article will show you why people still love to use the obsolete Operating System. 383 more words


Windows Server Won't Serve You Anymore

Here is another painful blow for the loyal, but stubborn Microsoft user base. First the technical support for the grandpa XP was cancelled. Then, we had a strong campaign for the new Windows 10. 188 more words

End of Days for Windows 7/8?

It’s official – Microsoft has finally binned Windows 7 and Windows 8, meaning it won’t ship as standard on any officially sanctioned Microsoft fare.

The Redmond-based firm recently announced its next OS, Windows 10, which should see a general launch late next year. 150 more words