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Lack of ZZZZZ’s Can Affect Your TTTTTTs

There’s now a relationship between lack of sleep and your testosterone level. Lack of sleep can affect your libido (sex drive), your energy level, and even your ability to concentrate. 541 more words

Testosterone Deficiency

Kanban-ize Your support groups!

OK, promised few days ago a Kanban related post – here it goes. Those not familiar with Kanban, and definitely those thinking it is purely for… 566 more words


What 5 years taught me

Earlier this year I was approached by the Ottawa School of Art to be the Alumni Guest Speaker at the 2014 Graduation Ceremony. I was touched by this honour and promptly accepted. 79 more words


I was thinking heavily if use this meme or GoT one (Winter is comming). But this fits better – evangelizers of Agile are following evangelizers of ITIL, SDLC, and other stuff – saying “Forget everything You knew. 62 more words


Incident Management in SCRUM space

Well, seems like two different books, right? On the one hand – SCRUM – with its’sprints, backlogs, no side jobs etc., on the other – highly uncontrolable world of Incidents, uncertainty, and lack of planning. 593 more words


Wrong direction...

Well, I did not plan this post… But after chat with Barclay Rae on tweet, and some discussion on Linked In started by Ian Mitchell, I felt I must to explain few simple things, before most of people get it wrong. 238 more words


Metrics, measurements, KPIs, targets – vol.2

Hi there, remember first KPI post? I promised we will get back to KPIs, and here we are with… Problem. Actually problem with Problem Management KPIs & targets. 465 more words