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Smells like vinegar

Easter smells like vinegar and wood shavings.

The reason is the dyes for the hard-boiled eggs require vinegar to set the color.

So, as a kid and as a mother-acting-like-a-kid, we dyed hard-boiled eggs rainbow colors like pink, green, yellow and blue.


Sharing a little 'hidden treasure' in Ancient Guardians: Book 3

I like to have little ‘tokens’ that represent something special in each of my books. However, this particular item does not exist anywhere! I looked for months to find a carved arrow that could represent a piece that is extremely important to one of my characters! 147 more words


Return the Land

Evidently, the Great Plains of Kansas are hemorrhaging white people and the state government has been reduced to offering  bribes incentives to get them to stay. 33 more words

Native American

Mixed Blood and a Search for Heritage

*some names have been changed to respect privacy.

I know that this post will offend. Having grown up in once was what was Indian Territory, I am no stranger to the culture of exclusion the native tribes have towards those, like me, who cannot trace their lineage to the rolls. 1,963 more words

Natural Yellows

All materials will take a dye differently. Protein fibres from animals (my faves) such as silk and wool look different than do vegetable fibres. Protein fibres will take some colours very easily and intensely. 91 more words


(review) August: Osage County - Marriage is hard

Lihat poster filmnya, seluruh orang yang ada dalam gambar tersebut adalah keluarga besar. Apa yang terjadi sehingga bisa seribut itu? Inilah film dengan bertebaran aktor kaliber Oscar, jadi set ekspekasimu dengan tinggi (mungkin). 514 more words

Chapter 1

     Kamal Thazgo walked briskly toward the chamber where Count Marceau Hurchanek and his daughter Princess Danyelle were hiding. Kamal had to brace himself momentarily as more explosions rocked the palatial grounds. 2,267 more words