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Ferguson, the Rivers of Babylon, and Racism

In my congregation, there is mixed feeling about what happened in Ferguson. In my heart, there is not. I, as a young white adult who has lived in predominantly black communities, am absolutely convinced this has everything to do with racial inequality. 1,459 more words


Have they issued a verdict yet: Giving Rage a Shape, Form and Release

I woke up around midnight Tuesday to the phone ringing and my heart racing. I knew the verdict had come down. We had been awaiting the results for days, even after the Governor of Missouri declared a state of emergency over the whole damn state. 1,413 more words

14. Oscar Grant

Johannes Mehserle and another B.A.R.T. officer restrained Oscar Grant in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day 2009 following an altercation that had taken place on the Furitvale Station platform. 86 more words

Robert Franklin's America

Officers of the Peace

“Police mistakenly shoot 911 caller during manhunt,” read a recent headline in USA Today.

Tension was thick in Ferguson, Missouri, while the citizens awaited the grand jury decision on the case of Michael Brown, the unarmed teenage boy shot in the back by a police officer. 1,115 more words


No Indictment For Ferguson Police

Here’s the article from NBC news…


I don’t have much to say about the situation. It’s difficult to be mad or disappointed when you know something is going to happen. 239 more words


UPDATED: Post-Racial America...

…my pretty pink ass.

After watching six long years of unprecedented disrespect and animus for the first black President, cynically I am not surprised at the decision of the Ferguson Missouri Grand Jury in the issue of Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, but I am disappointed. 131 more words


As We Await the Ferguson Decision, Remember Emmett, Oscar, Trayvon, Luis and other men of color who have died for no reason

Tonight is essentially D-Day in Ferguson, Missouri.  It is tonight that the grand jury will release their decision on whether they will indict Darren Wilson, the White police officer who was behind the shooting death of Mike Brown, a young Black teen who held his hands up before being gunned down. 297 more words