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The End of Racism: Volume 3

Once again in the American lexicon, racial profiling and police brutality has reared its’ ugly head and the nation must take notice about its legacy of injustice and bias among people of color- especially young men of African- American descent. 751 more words


Melissa Harris-Perry's Searing Tribute To Black Men Killed By Police - video

Melissa Harris-Perry’s Searing Tribute To Black Men Killed By Police

The Huffington Post  | By Jack Mirkinson -Posted: 08/16/2014 2:31 pm EDT

In a short but powerful segment on Saturday, … 213 more words

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J. Cole - "Be Free" (Michael Brown Tribute)

J. Cole releases a deep track titled “Be Free”, This track is dedicated to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America. Understand folks our voices will never be heard if we lay down silently and never speak up. 80 more words

Community that never has to deal with systematic and racial prejudice doesn't understand protests against racial profiling

OWH THE IHURNY, Ill. — A black community that witnessed a young, unarmed black male with his hands up shot 10 times before dying from his wounds while laying on the ground in cold blood for over 5 hours before any emergency health vehicles showed up was told by a predominately white police department to “shut up, obey the law” and not to exercise their First Amendment freedoms or risk arrest. 747 more words


Last Words: Humanizing Victims of Police Brutality

Iranian journalist, photographer, and filmmaker, Shirin Barghi, has been observing the turmoil in Ferguson following the murder of Michael Brown, and in response, she created a simple but moving project that humanizes Brown and those who, like him, … 715 more words


Blood-Stained Hoodies and Broken Dreams

My heart aches upon hearing the sad endings to life stories like Alex Nieto, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Mike Brown. The stories of countless others are unknown nationally but remain alive in the memories of their family members. 370 more words

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Palestine's Letter of Solidarity With Ferguson, Missouri

When scenes of Ferguson, Missouri police officers decked out in full riot gear – attacking peaceful demonstrators with flash grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets – flashed across television screens everywhere from as far as the Americas to India and Japan, people in nations so-often criticized by the U.S. 812 more words