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Another Reason You Shouldn't Give a Shit About the Oscars

There are plenty of reasons to look at the Oscars as nothing more than a self-aggrandizing circle-jerk for the mediocre mainstream film industry. Sure, they give out awards for Best Documentary, Best Independent Film, Best Short Film, flush with a selection of films practically none of the audience has even heard of, let alone seen, which some of those members will soon be raving and then forgetting about in the month to come. 1,135 more words

American Sniper

What Ava DuVernay Knew About Her Oscar Snub That You Didn’t

It looks likes Ava DuVernay saw into the future, and we didn’t. Despite Selma and its director being a fan favorite, DuVernay  knew she wasn’t going to be nominated for best director and predicted as much in a just published interview with Entertainment Weekly.  132 more words

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Oscar Opinions - thewhovianavenger

Hello! I’m Charlie, the newest member of the Breakfast gang (is it gang? I haven’t a clue) and an avid film buff. As an introductory post and to continue the trend, here are my personal opinions of who and what I personally believe should succeed in the upcoming Oscars (where I explored in more detail on my personal blog… 113 more words


Pushing Musical Boundaries (Literally)

Interstellar was a cinematic journey into the unknown in every sense, from the practical sets to the original story to the daringly experimental soundtrack. Being able to witness the thought process and motivations for an epic Hollywood blockbuster is a rare treat. 63 more words

American Sniper Review

American Sniper

Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, directed by Clint Eastwood

132 minutes

You’re a sniper with the US Army. You’re protecting your platoon when you see a young boy coming towards them with a grenade. 694 more words

American Sniper

Oscar Nominations - Right and Wrong.

Its been a week since 2014’s Oscar nominations were rolled out. This was a surprising year for most of us Oscarologists, with some significant surprises. Still, I predicted 73% of the nominees correctly (and that includes the short films, which NOBODY gets right). 1,260 more words

So that's why she was nominated! 'Two Days, One Night' and Marion Cotillard astound critics

The world was surprised last week when Oscar nominations were announced and they skipped over Jennifer Aniston for Best Lead Actress.  In Cake, her portrayal of a pain med-addicted, depressed woman is nothing short of amazing. 381 more words