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Movie title: Underworld

NB: It were not going to be another ‘recycled’ vampire-vs-werewolf saga we mostly have been fed up watching year after year.

But this plot contains some metaphorical references to ‘vampire’ and ‘werewolf’. 370 more words

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Movie title: The Tallest City on Earth

The theme may sound obsolescent – that post-World War fighting spirit that resonated with millions of young Americans in 1950s and 1960s, but personally I think it’s worth contemplating again, considering that it is becoming increasingly difficult for more people, not only in this country but also worldwide, in achieving their dreams and visions. 231 more words

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Movie title: Peccatrix

It was the worst New York City of the times back in 1970s. Homicides, gang wars, drug smuggling, and abject poverty were visible signs almost everywhere throughout the metropolis. 178 more words

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Movie title: We Need To Talk About Justin

This boy (not that bad-ass, almost-fully-tattooed one we’re talking about) was what Hollywood could term as ‘all the children’s living dream’. He starred in numerous children-themed films, earned millions of dollars in every single paycheck, and his presence, everywhere nearly round the globe, was circumnavigated by swarms of reporters anxious to know his latest events every single time. 130 more words

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Movie title: The Sinner

Again, another World War II-related plot that I could possibly correlate with the picture above. After the end of the history’s most devastating conflict, as many as 12 million American soldiers were demobilized, more than one-quarter million KIA (killed in action), and millions more physically wounded and psychologically affected. 88 more words

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Movie title: The Day The Violinist Ends His Life

Maybe I can add some revisions myself personally: World War II was just over, millions of people were displaced, and economic depressions were greatly severe following the massive devastation wreaked by constant battles. 152 more words

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