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Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Seven: Trampoline

Seemingly obligatory garden furniture now, we would have practically expired of excitement or at the very least, fallen off our Space Hoppers, to even see such a thing. 124 more words

Man-made Objects

Daredevil smashes tightrope world record

A daredevil has smashed the world record for longest distance walked on a highline.

Alexander Schulz, 23, from Germany, spent three days trying to cross the 375m-long line – falling scores of times – while battling ferocious wind and rain. 185 more words


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Lecture 8 (Nov. 26, 2014)

Oscillatory behavior of Fuchsian equations

Semilocal theory

Consider a holomorphic linear equation in the unit disk , having a unique Fuchsian singularity at the origin . 543 more words


Lecture 7 (Nov. 24)

Geometric form of non-oscillation theorems

Solutions of linear systems can be highly oscillating relatively to hyperplanes . However, there exists a class of system for which one can produce such bounds. 668 more words


Lecture 6 (Nov. 21, 2014)

Zeros of solutions of linear equations

Nontrivial (i.e., not identically zero) solutions of linear ordinary differential equations obviously possess certain properties concerning their roots (points where these solutions vanish). 503 more words

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