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Osheaga Essentials

Only one more week left until Montreal’s most waited festival of the summer! If you don’t know which one I’m referring to (since we have quite a lot of amazing festivals this year), I am talking about nothing else but Osheaga. 179 more words


Marisa Loves (Festival) Life/Style

It’s no secret that I live for Summer (and Fall, but we’ll get to that when it’s time) and my most favourite thing to do is go to festivals. 114 more words


bon iver- michicant.

Cold, kinda like fall tonight. Feel like this.


Culture ≠ Costume

In a couple of weeks, thousands of North Americans will be traveling to Montreal, Quebec for the Osheaga music festival. A couple months ago, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the Coachella music festival and what attendees decided to wear. 311 more words


This fantastic Friday, our #brideday feature is all about fusion – your wedding day ensemble meets Osheaga 2014!

If you’re attending Osheaga AND planning your own wedding this August, we’re extremely jealous and hope this post will help you with some headgear inspiration. 310 more words

Graduated "Blues"?

This post is like a journal entry. ***Structureless**** Spoiler Alert: Girls S3.

I have enjoyed being off from school, I have. However, it hasn’t gone as I’ve expected. 541 more words

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