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Playtime with Junos Part 21: OSPF - Basic Configuration

I will cover OSPF into more details. I had some basic OSPF configuration in place already, but I will build it once again and provide you more explanation and verification. 2,354 more words


OSPF Network types

Previous OSPF election

The OSPF network types are :

Non-broadcast (NBMA)


Point-to-multipoint non-broadcast


Point- to-Point

R2#sh ip ospf interface
FastEthernet0/0 is up, line protocol is up…

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OSPF Designated router Election

Previous post OSPF summary part 1

Designated router – DR and Backup DR – BDR

- used to reduce the amount of netowrk traffic

-all routers in an area comunicated with the DR and it forwards LSA and LSU to the other routers. 112 more words

OSPF summary notes part 1


-OSPF is linkstate has a complete overview of network (unlike EIGRP)

-Sends LSA (Link state advertisements) to update the LSDB (topology)

-All areas must connect to Area 0 (backbone) 315 more words


OSPF Virtual Links - The Details

A little over a year ago I wrote an article on Cisco.com on how to take the OSPF topology table and turn it into a diagram. 863 more words



this is more complicated lab compared to the simple ones we had on OSPF and EIGRP basics, in this lab we have OSPF and EIGRP routing enabled at the same time with different area and different distribution rules on each router. 38 more words