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The ICND2 assessment on gns3vault is an awesome lab that covers a lot of different topics inside the CCNA material. I’ve got a lot of interesting stuff I feel I can cover in this blog, so I hope you enjoy the read, and let’s go! 1,857 more words


Playtime with Junos Part 24: OSPF – Neighborship

To form a neighborship in OSPF, several parameters must match. I will change these parameters and also provide some basic troubleshooting. I am also including authentication in this post. 2,671 more words


Playtime with Junos Part 23: OSPF - Stub and NSSA Area

Third post covers stub and NSSA area as well as totally stub versions of these areas. I will also provide details, how to enable default route propagation. 2,879 more words


OSPF virtual link with message digest authentication

Dis-contiguous area

Non-backbone area has to be converged with backbone area (area 0) in order for OSPF to learn the routes. The following example has area 100 discontiguous with backbone area, the solution is either to use GRE tunnel or virtual link. 491 more words


TShoot Cisco OSPF Cheatsheet part 1 - adjacency

Key OSPF tshoot commands for Adjacencies.

#sh ip ospf neighbors

#sh ip ospf interface

#sh ip protocols

#debug ip ospf adj

#debug ip ospf hello…

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Routing Timers


  • It is possible for two routers to become EIGRP neighbors even though the hello and hold timers do not match. The hold time is included in the hello packets so each neighbor should stay alive even though the hello interval and hold timers do not match.
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