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Routing Protocol Tips!

  • If using multiple points for redistribution between different IGP protocols makes sure to use filters or route tag.
  • BFD is the best solution for fast failure detection for the neighbours (routing) which are not using point-to-point links.
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What is OSPF?

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) = Link State Routing Protocol

Each router builds it’s own topology database and routing table.
On network change: New LSA’s are Flooded & all routers recompute their routing table. 289 more words


Ahh.. The Elusive Layer 3

This is where you’ll either become a rockstar or you know … that other guy.

This is a star studded platform.

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Administrative Distance - Only Half the Story

In the image below you can see how each protocol presents itself to the routing table (RIB). The RIB uses AD to determine which route to install. 399 more words


[OSPF] Route Filtering with Standard ACL

Filtering in OSPF is configured using the distribute-list router subcommand, which can reference either an ACL, prefix list, or a route map to determine whether or not routes should be filtered, in which direction and on which interface. 189 more words