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Auto-configuration of IP protocols: OSPF & ISIS

Recently I worked on a feature called ip protocol auto-configuration, wherein a router operating in auto-configuration mode will snoop OSPF/ISIS hello packets from neighbor & configures itself based on attributes present in this packet. 302 more words


[Pexpect] What's inside my network? (Dynamic Network Inventory)

40 days have passed since I started my 90/90/1 Challenge and I couldn’t be more happy about that. Trying to pursue something and keep track of the process is a really nice sensation :) 1,699 more words


Playtime with Junos Part 25: OSPF – Neighborship Problems

There are many reasons why OSPF neighborship doesn’t come up. I have described some parameters that must match in the previous post. I want to discover some other less common problems to save you some headache. 1,643 more words



The ICND2 assessment on gns3vault is an awesome lab that covers a lot of different topics inside the CCNA material. I’ve got a lot of interesting stuff I feel I can cover in this blog, so I hope you enjoy the read, and let’s go! 1,857 more words


Playtime with Junos Part 24: OSPF – Neighborship

To form a neighborship in OSPF, several parameters must match. I will change these parameters and also provide some basic troubleshooting. I am also including authentication in this post. 2,671 more words


Playtime with Junos Part 23: OSPF - Stub and NSSA Area

Third post covers stub and NSSA area as well as totally stub versions of these areas. I will also provide details, how to enable default route propagation. 2,879 more words