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Water ahoy!

Last week I reported that satellite tagged bird FK8 had not managed to find any large water bodies and didn’t really appear to be following any river courses yet on her travels, as she explores the Tweed Valley area. 546 more words


Ospreys Rugby 2014/15 BLK Home & Alternate Shirts

Welsh rugby has been in a state of almost comedically persistent turmoil over the last 12 months. The regions and the WRU have been in a state of open warfare for some time now, and as we write this, the season’s barely a week away and the chances of peace seem incredibly remote. 869 more words


Season's End


Mount Olympus

Some mornings Helios, his chariot and steeds must rise behind Mother Nature’s clouds.  Helios has gotten used to it.  It’s no big deal.  His ego is not injured at all.  357 more words


Correction o' the Day (Bald Eagle Poop Edition)

Correction on today’s New York Times op-ed page:

An Op-Ed essay on Monday described bald eagles and ospreys incorrectly. They eat fish, and their poop is white; they do not eat berries and excrete purple feces.

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Herbalife and the Ospreys: Our experience of using Herbalife products

Hear the Ospreys staff and some of the players talk about their experience of using Herbalife products and why Herbalife has been chosen as their official Nutrition partner. 106 more words


A Welsh Solution to a Welsh Problem

The Welsh predicament and a “British and Irish League”

We all know that there is uproar in Welsh Rugby that is looking like it might tear the pro game in Wales apart completely. 799 more words


Adventurous osprey

The satellite tagged osprey FK8, has been stretching her wings and taking further adventurous flights as she explores her freedom since fledging from her Tweed Valley nest site. 426 more words