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A Final Weekend with the Ospreys

One last journey down the wooded track, now starting to be overgrown by the bracken and bramble. It is high summer and there is a heat I haven’t felt here before. 719 more words

Conservation Volunteering

Ozzie becomes Angry with Harriett

It was a Blue-Orange Sunrise this morning.


The Doctor Calls

“Harriett? Harriett, are you there?” The Doctor directed his thought, as the osprey flies, straight as an arrow, 225 more words


Keeping House

I love osprey nests.

They always make me feel so much better about the way I keep house….

Especially when it comes to the HAT studio!

‘Til the next time,



Future Aerie

aerie*  (noun \ˈer-ē, ˈir-, ˈā-(ə-)rē\)

The nest of a bird of prey, built high in a tree, cliff or man-made platform.

“Watch where you put your wing tips, Ozzie.  195 more words


Affirmation # 2 - Mother Nature Does Not Care


In the beginning there was Consciousness.

Consciousness was thinking,

“I wish I had something to do besides just think.”

Shortly thereafter there was a Big Bang.   607 more words


Affirmation # 1 - Tweedy Lives

Who has red-orange eyes? Whose flight feathers are tipped in white? Who has a specked light brown necklace just like her mother’s? And who has grown bigger and stronger than both of her parents? 144 more words



The Doctor’s remaining web cam ceased to function at 05:50 this morning. The Doctor has had a tough year with his equipment.

No eulogy please. He is proud of this old camera. 147 more words