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[Top Secret] Agent 006 - Miyokan Andropov

In case you haven’t been following my blog since 2009, you might not be aware of my love for the classic TSR “Top Secret” RPG. To put it in a modern light, after reading through Gygax magazine issue 1, I decided I wouldn’t be buying it since it seemed to mostly be editorials about how I play games wrong. 252 more words


[Tuesday Map] Hubert's Tower / The Butcher's Tower

This old tower and associated structure were built into an outcropping of rock that had traditionally been used as a watch point for the nearby town for generations. 240 more words


[Friday Map] Sebastijan's Shrine and Crypts

It’s starting to feel like “Ruins and Mortuaries” month here at the Dodecahedron with another dungeon suited for the long-term storage of the deceased. Sebastijan’s Shrine is located just west of the city, where it fell into disuse after one side of the stonework structure started to slide away and collapse. 89 more words


Dwimmermount, Why Do You Torment Me?

At long last!

My copy of Dwimmermount has arrived! I hold in my hands an actual, physical, long dreamed of copy of Dwimmermount in all its hard-bound glory! 36 more words


[Tuesday Map] The Burren Estate Ruins

At the heart of the Burren Estate are the ruins of the structures that were here centuries before the modern estate. These old buildings were supposedly built in cooperation between the earliest members of the Burren line and the elves who still maintained their empire in that era. 139 more words


It's the End of the World as We Know It

We really are living in a golden age for indie RPG’s. Between PDF, print on demand, and crowd funding it seems like I’m learning about a new game every week, each with its own dedicated following. 963 more words


[map] Dungeon of Lost Coppers

Early this year, the illustrious Dyson Logos (I’m a fan and a patreon) held a mapping competition: Print out this map, complete it and submit. 58 more words