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[Friday Map] Cortland's Flooded Mines

Not all mines are very extensive. In the case of Cortland’s Mines, they were quite small. Mainly because they were started because a miner saw some silver exposed on a cliffside that had been eroded by a passing river. 130 more words


Death and Failure

Sometimes I think that the OSR has become too fixated on death.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of player character death. Or more specifically, I’m a fan of the… 618 more words


[Tuesday Map] Unchained!

My Patreon campaign includes levels where I ask my patrons for suggestions for maps. I don’t always draw them, and often the final map bears little resemblance to the suggestion, but the goal is to see my maps with ideas that I can use and that will hopefully fit the needs of a patron or two. 127 more words


[Adventure] The Molds & Slimes of Vilnid

I love a great creative challenge. 

You might hear me complain about the whole “Blog Challenge” phenomenon where all kinds of otherwise awesomely cool gaming blogs all start putting out the same general content and it drives me nuts, because more often than not it isn’t actually INTERESTING content. 272 more words


Looking for the Dominion Game Society

While going through my boxes of old gaming stuff, I came across one of my more unique holdings: The Unauthorized Canadian Edition of the Judges Guild Ready Ref Sheets. 825 more words


[Friday Map] The Town of Melad Crossings

Foul things are afoot in the town of Melad Crossings. One of the two mills has stopped, the smell of death creeps by in the wind from many buildings, the streets are barren, and those who live are not likely to be out of doors except as is necessary. 110 more words


[Tuesday Map] The Slime Pits of Vilnid

Inspired by things fungal and nasty, as well as the evolution pits of the Invid, I drew up the Slime Pits of Vilnid and the associated watch structure (mostly a guard tower, but with a few “researchers” living there as well. 155 more words