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New Magic Item | Silly Hat of Dancing

Silly Hat of Dancing

Usable by: Magic-Users

Range: Hearing or 40 feet

Charges: 1d8

Description: When put on the head and activated by the words “Staying alive”, all within hearing range must make a saving throw (INT/Will/Spells & Devices) or begin to dance a very intensive jig, complete with jerky arm moves and kicking feet. 156 more words


[MegaDelve] The Thunder Mines

Also known as the West Mines, the Thunder Mines are named after the sound of the waterfall that crashes down into the chasm these mines were built up around. 397 more words


Brave Unknown

Welp, here we go.

This will be the new place for the majority of Glen Greentoad’s OSR (Old School Roleplaying) game ideas, play reports, and so on. 603 more words

Lamentations Of The Flame Princess

[MegaDelve] The Hematite Mines

Beneath the Venomous Hall lie the Hematite Mines – source iron ore for the dwarves who helped to equip armies to fight in the war against the elves. 226 more words


Another Die Drop Wandering Monster Table!

After posting my remix of Kelvin Green’s Die Drop Loot Table yesterday, I figured it was time to finish off the die drop wandering monster table for the second node of the Mega Delve – … 356 more words


The Loot Table!

I woke up this morning to an amazing die drop loot table from the awesome Kelvin Green. However, the way it was formatted meant that a lot of the dice I threw at it bounced off the table proper. 222 more words


[MegaDelve] The Mithril Hall

Once home to 10 mithril statues of the elders of the clans who founded this city, the Mithril hall now appears barren and empty, showing the damage from the destruction of the city gates and cisterns. 291 more words