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Deep Carbon Observatory

Deep Carbon Observatory is a 80+ page module from +Patrick Stuart  that will seemingly work with any of your preferred old school rulesets. It features the new city (or rather habitat) of Carrowmore and lands to the north of it where, as legend holds, an ancient kingdom built a city within a lake and hid their treasures deep beneath the waves. 1,854 more words


[Tuesday Map] Cliffstable on Kerstal

Town names are not easy to make up and avoid having them be silly, or just too “medieval fantasy” feeling (Javelin Hill, Hawskford, Granite Pass). So welcome to Cliffstable on Kerstal – a small city that has gradually grown up where the Brown Goblin River meets the Kerstal. 248 more words


Madness of Iliasha: Campaign Concept

As previously noted, I have begun work on a fresh campaign. Using the working title Madness of Iliasha, I have included elements from the… 432 more words

Tabletop RPG

[map] Trenkar's Landing: hex1712

Here’s some work in progress of my little corner of Trenkar’s Landing, hex1712.

What I have to work with here is a pure water hex, so I’ve opted for a reef area, dotted with lighthouses. 125 more words


[Friday Map] Cepheus' Gallery

Another one of the caves leading into the catacombs beneath Triumph Mesa, this one is named after it’s primary resident, the boneless lich known as Cepheus. 177 more words


Trenkar's Landing, a crowdsourced fantasy setting

I’ve joined the crowdsourced sandbox setting dubbed Trenkar’s Landing. So far there are just above one hundred (!) participants! Here is the map of all assigned hexes, as of today. 66 more words


USC, OSR spearheaded UPLB Summit 2014

By: Mary Anne Gudito

UPLB students gathered last night, October 21 at the Makiling Ballroom Hall to participate in the discussions regarding university issues and academic policies through the UPLB Student Summit 2014. 230 more words