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It's Just Basic Fantasy Role-Playing, Folks!

This just in from the mail carrier!

Christmas has indeed come early to Angelic Doctor Games and for the low cost that these were offered and purchased made this season that much more the merrier. 242 more words

Yup! Psionics were dangerous!

Rick over at Don’t Split the Party has a great post breaking down the dangers of psionics in 1E.

This essentially sums up why I didn’t think that psionics were overpowered – or really that common beyond some very basic abilities.


Game Design

What Do You Do With A Dead Monarch?

“Finally, after forty-eight years, Cadwallo, this most noble and most powerful King of the Britons, become (sic) infirm with old age and illness, departed this life on the fifteenth day after the Kalends of December.

1,033 more words

[MegaDelve] The Ogre Base

A new node in the MegaDelve! And unlike the last few, this node is only a single map. Here it is in red on the node map – the Ogre Base (click to enbiggen): 337 more words


Another "mapping procedure" video

Here’s another short video of me drawing a map. Again, it’s not all that great as it was done holding the camera phone in one hand while drawing with the other. 31 more words


Kleine Änderung beim Kämpfer und der Mönch

Ich hatte wieder etwas Zeit, mich um Stahlgrimm zu kümmern und habe dabei den Kämpfer leicht überarbeitet und den Mönch fertiggestellt. Damit sind die Klassen abgeschlossen. 47 more words

Labyrinth Lord

The Chthonic Codex

Occasionally I get cool RPG stuff in the mail and immediately post it to my g+ stream because it’s cool. Sometimes, however, the stuff I get is so damned cool that I put it aside so I can rave about it properly. 491 more words