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[Tuesday Map] Habddar's Grey Fortress

Rocky hills overlook the poor farming lands along the eastern coastline of the Empire. Most people live by fishing and herding in these lands because the rockiness of the land makes cropping very difficult. 324 more words


[sketch] Small Castle

Just a small castle I scribbled the other day!


[map] Rondane

Rondane is way up north, where habitable lands go pale and bow to the frozen taiga plateau. Ever-harassing winds leech all body warmth. Vast frozen tundras and ancient mountain ridges, unbeatable to all except the glaciers which ponderously grind everything into gravel. 166 more words


[Friday Map] Specter's Tower

I like towers, I particularly like them when the entrance isn’t completely obvious. This reminds me of a fort at a park I used to play in as a kid – you had to walk down a long concrete pipe (basically a sewer main pipe) under a hill to get to the tower in the wooden fort. 121 more words


Schwarze Fenn

Auch wenn sich im Download-Bereich bereits ein bischen Material für Labyrinth Lord findet, so beginne ich auf diesem Blog gleich mal mit einem LL-Abenteuer für ein bis sechs Spieler und keinen Spielleiter. 35 more words


[Tuesday Map] Serenity's Roots

What do you do when you find the stump of a supernaturally large tree? Noting that the outer edge of the stump made for strong natural walls, the townfolk of Serenity’s Roots moved in. 87 more words


Colleges, Cults, and Curmudgeony Wizards

Monday, at The Dragon’s Flagon, I was reminded of the old school spell lists. I love the OSR community so much, every day there’s always something to get my gears turning. 531 more words

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