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[Tuesday Map] Joseph's Inlet

The vast majority of my maps over the past two years were drawn at slightly above half-page sizes. I mostly used notebooks and sketchbooks that were an appropriate size to carry around in cargo pockets, so nothing exceptionally large, and definitely not close to the classic letter or A4 size page. 326 more words


Torchbearer, D&D, and The Oregon Trail

Torchbearer is a relatively new set of tabletop role-playing game rules.  It is actually more of a resource-management game set in a Dungeons & Dragons style world, with dwarves, elves, and wizards and the like.   586 more words

Dunnsmouth, Scenic

So, Zzarchov Kowolski wrote a thing and it is epically produced by James Raggi and Jez Gordon (who’s art and production I drool over) for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. 64 more words


[Friday Map] Aurelon's Keep

Redrawing the Castellan’s Keep for my DCC game put me in flashback mode regarding both keeps and gaming. With crenelated battlements on the mind, I thought back to an adventure I ran using the Rules Cyclopedia when it first came out (back when I was in University). 244 more words


Flavors of the OSR part 4: Fantastic Heroes & Witchery

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery

by Dominique Crouzet (DOM Publishing)

Type: Hybrid (Mix of many editions: includes elements from AD&D, OD&D, B/X and 3E)

Availability… 2,730 more words


Shadow Over Alfheim

So, the 3.5e Gestalt campaign seems to be sputtering out, giving me the opportunity to swoop in and run some B/X dungeon crawls. In honor and maybe memorium of the stalled Shadow Over Beryl campaign, I’m calling this Shadow Over Alfheim. 808 more words


Map Musings

I love maps.

It’s certainly one of the things that has always attracted me to Dungeons & Dragons.

I love dungeon maps. From the classic old blue grid maps like the… 768 more words