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[MegaDelve] The Cannibal Cave

Still in the “small caves” node of the Dyson Mega Delve, this map links up to last Friday’s map via the two staircases leading down to the Tunnels of the Rat Folk. 241 more words


One Does Not Simply Play Dead Gods

Lately I have been playing Monte Cook’s Dead Gods super module to Planescape, that he wrote back in 1997. It is a module filled with intestering ideas and concepts using the Planescape setting to its fullest – and also in a sense revealing how Monte got the ideas for Numenera. 585 more words


50% off Dyson's Delves and MORE!

Seriously folks, Lulu has to be losing money on this sale. On the upside, I’m not, and you… well, you’ll still be spending money, but you will be getting some serious returns on your investment. 339 more words


Product Review: D30 Sandbox Companion

D30 Sandbox Companion
Author: Richard J. Leblanc, Jr.
Artist: Richard J. Leblanc, Jr. & Howard Pyle
Publisher: New Big Dragons Games Unlimited
Page Count: 52… 490 more words


[MegaDelve] The Rat Folk Tunnels

On the original node map of the MegaDelve, this map is part of the “Small Caves” node (same as the Goblin caves earlier this week, and the Cannibal Cave coming up next week). 218 more words


DungeonMorph Dice go Urban!

Five or so years ago I started drawing a new format of geomorph using a 10×10 grid with two entrances on each face. I drew over a hundred of these over the next year and somewhere along the way the format took off and today there are at least a thousand of these geomorphs available out there. 182 more words


[MegaDelve] The Goblin Caves

Another exploration of the Dyson MegaDelve today! This time we are travelling north from the Fungal Cavern to the area marked as “Small Caves” on the node map: 493 more words