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Bundles Without Numbers

Greetings Programs!

Just popping in to plug the current Bundle of Holding collection. It’s a great stash of Stars Without Number books.

I’m a big fan of Sine Nomine’s books and the Stars series in particular. 78 more words


Deep Carbon Observatory

Not that Deep Carbon Observatory – this Deep Carbon Observatory

Why should you buy it? Well first here are some rather thorough reviews that will do a much better job at helping you make up your mind than I will. 625 more words

[Tuesday Map] The Stony Recesses & Tower of Verrul

I’m putting together another set of printed maps for my incredibly generous Patreon patrons. To do so means going through my scanned maps folders, throwing them on a USB stick, and heading out to the print shop. 518 more words


The Main Difference

I think I have figured out the main difference between a Pathfinder game and an Old School game (including DCC).

In Pathfinder you spend a whole session trying to get this treasure. 22 more words

Character Sheets? Yeah, I draw those too!

I’m a sucker for a pretty character sheet.

In July of 2009 I posted my first hand-drawn D&D character sheet to the blog. It was inspired by a player in one of my campaigns who used landscape sheets and of course the awesomeness of the old sheets for the Fighting Fantasy game books. 83 more words


On the drawing of maps

I often get asked in the comments on a post here or on my Google+ account about the details of my map-making. First of all I should aim anyone interested in my mapping styles and techniques to the appropriate… 839 more words


[Friday Map] The Dreamer's Tower

Along the island shore, no more than a few hours walk from Ravenson’s Landing is another tower standing alone, jutting out above the sea. Made of a soft green stone, it appears to have been carved from soapstone or something similar and was evidently once part of a much larger construction. 263 more words