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[map] Bandit hideout

Every area has one.

It had been a particularly fruitful year for Jack deWeez and his gang, robbing travelers along the road through Felltimber woods. But after stripping so many plump merchants of their belongings, word eventually got out among bandits in the neighboring areas. 226 more words


[map] Thrice Keep

Depending on who you ask, the origin of the Thrice Keep’s name will vary. Geographers will point to the three sharp crags with their respective towers and explain that “thrice” is obviously a reference to the number of structures. 455 more words


[monster] The Fisheye

Feared by most fishermen, the Fisheye is not to be trifled with. It’s a tiny fish-like creature, usually found in swarms in shallow water. While a Fisheye swarm only occupies a 5′ square, when threatened it will deal 2d6 psychic damage to all creatures with a consciousness within a 30′ radius. 61 more words


Bandits & Battlecruisers PWYW

World of Ortix is celebrating 600 posts!

To celebrate he’s making PDF copies of Bandits & Battlecruisers a Pay What You Want product for a limited time. 27 more words


[map] Dread Temple Caverns

Originally constructed by the dwarven outcast Banz Schteinkopf a couple of centuries ago, these caverns have seen a lot of different residents since. The two colored sludges have been there for a long time, created by an alchemist who was funded by a local lord to produce explosives. 228 more words


[Friday Map] Three Hillside Tombs

About a 25 minute walk west of the Burren Estate (home until recently of a massive and ancient wyrm most foul) are three family tombs against the backdrop of rolling hills and ancient oaks. 175 more words


[Tuesday Map] Dreifer's Fortress

Last week (or the week before?) someone was looking for a keep map and we commiserated about the fact that there aren’t that many keeps in my map collection… yet. 207 more words