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Long He Lay

Long he lay slain on a Winter’s day

He had felt the pain of the bloody blade

Then long he lay in the frozen glade. 86 more words


Every Sabbat goddess starts out as a block of wood … 10 more words


Embracing Traditions

Hi, my name is Cara, and I’m Eclectic. I also love referring to myself as “a dirt-worshipping, tree-hugger”.

Hi Cara.

One of the downsides to being solitary and considering yourself eclectic in your path is that you tend to make up your own traditions – that is, you make things up as you go along. 788 more words


Writer’s crisis: Oh whoa, I’m crap!

Ostara has just been and gone and we are well and truly into the swing of spring – a time of rebirth and new growth. Buds are bursting through the soil, flowers are blooming and the bees are getting their jiggy on. 1,301 more words

Writing Craft

Orphic Egg

Right now, the spring equinox is at its peak where I live in the southern hemisphere. We celebrated the feast of Ostara last weekend with our friends and had a lovely quiche for lunch. 850 more words

Inside Lianne's Brain

Ostara (Souhern Hemisphere) - Mabon (Northern Hemisphere)

To us in the Southern Hemisphere I wish you a blessed Ostara as we move into Spring.


This festival is named after the Anglo-Saxon Goddess Eostre, also known in Old German as Ostara. 828 more words