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As a resident of Erie Street, who had to walk around a construction site with a stroller for the summer ( 477 more words

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Osteria Locanda Brack StepByStep

A single figure skater represented Switzerland in 1920. It was the nation s debut in the sport. Megroz took eighth place out of nine skaters in the men s singles. 218 more words


Osteria Da Mario, Bologna

Don’t know your Osteria from your Trattoria? Then allow me. In the simplest terms, an Osteria was a place you once came to drink. You brought your own home cooked food wrapped in paper, and you just, well, kind of hung out. 446 more words


Osteria Da Alvise Critical

A 2009 report identified 610 Comune which have a strong Mafia presence, where 13 million Italians live and 14.6% of the Italian GDP is produced.cite web dead linkcite news The Calabrian Ndrangheta, nowadays probably the most powerful crime syndicate of Italy, accounts alone for 3% of the country s GDP.cite web However, at 0.013 per 1,000 people, Italy has only the 47th highest murder ratecite web (in a group of 62 countries) and the 43rd highest number of rapes per 1,000 people in the world (in a group of 65 countries), relatively low figures among developed countries. 300 more words


“Antica Osteria da Bepi” and a recipe featuring our “Frantoio Olive Castaldo” oil

Back in the old days, Antica Osteria da Bepi, an inn set in the main square of Marano di Valpolicella, was the place where the country folk met after going to the market, so that they would have a good excuse to eat some of the tripe in meat broth made there, or salami with polenta, cooked over a fire that never went out. 289 more words

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Sapori e tradizione: Osteria numero 10

Comincia oggi la rubrica fissa che vi porterà a viaggiare nei ristoranti più golosi d’Italia: visiteremo non solo luoghi pieni di eleganza ma anche ambienti familiari e semplici. 251 more words