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Travelling to the Czech Republic:

In Czech Republic you can find nice cities like Olomouc, Prague and Brno or interesting places for pub crawling like Ostrava, located just 75 km far away from Katowice, so you can find really interesting places and visit another country theoretically located just one hour far away from Katowice… if it wasn’t because of prices or that there is not usually a direct train there and  you can spend 5 hours just to travel 80 km. 286 more words


Netherlands Win European Baseball Title

Netherlands win European baseball title before packed stadium and strong TV audiences, highlighting growing popularity and competitiveness of baseball/softball in Europe in countdown to historic Olympic 2020 decision… 933 more words


I Got 99 Problems, But Prague Ain't One

Nathan Hintz, Marketing and Business Development, Deloitte Central Europe, Prague, Czech Republic

My summer in Prague lasted exactly 99 days and each day brought a new challenge. 843 more words


Well done, backgrounders

Czechs knows about taste.

from Ostrava, Czech Republic.

S origami za hezčí Ostravu

Jemu je osmnáct, pochází z Budišova nad Budišovkou na Opavsku a na ostravské konzervatoři studuje hru na akordeon. Jí je dvacet, pochází z Rychvaldu na Karvinsku a na té samé škole se věnuje zpěvu. 214 more words


4/08 - Last stop in Czech Republic

And I’m in Ostrava, an heavy industry city near the border with Poland. Around, landscapes with weath fields, mining monolithic buildings and hills of ground from excavations. 599 more words

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