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#AtoZChallenge: Courageous

It’s day three of the A to Z Challenge, and so I’ll be writing about…


Life can easily be living in our comfort zone, doing the things we know. 406 more words



Reader A (shivering): Qué frío tengo yo. Ay, qué frío.

Reader B: What? Is that Spanish?

Reader A: …

Reader B: Why are you speaking Spanish? 501 more words

Raspy Thoughts

An Ostrich Of A Time

I had the opportunity, no, the privilege to attend the 26th annual Ostrich Festival held in Chandler, AZ. I have always been fascinated with ostriches, and I had the chance to make acquaintances with a number of ostriches up close. 196 more words

Ostrich Festival and Cricket Tournament This Weekend

Here are a couple of weekend highlights in the spirit of TTDPHX you might enjoy. First, we have the strangely popular 26th Annual Chandler Chamber… 97 more words

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