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Setting up open source IDE with Eclipse for Freescale MCUs on Mac OSX

I got my first Freescale board, FRDM-KL25Z, for my Raspberry Pi CNC project. But the small board can do much beyond that, and I need a development environment for it! 486 more words


Apple: iOS, OSX, and Website Safe from Heartbleed attack

Tech Giant Apple confirmed on  thursday that its completely safe from the massive Heartbleed bug that has been taking the Internet by storm.

When asked if they had patched the vulnerability for its Apple.com website and the services it offers, a company spokesperson confirmed that the website is sae and that it never used vulnerable software in its desktop systems or its mobile operating systems including iOS and OSX. 126 more words


Learn Python The Hard Way

I have started my programming lessons with the highly recommended Learn Python The Hard Way. I knocked out Appendix A to learn the basics of command line usage.   102 more words


OS X Mavericks Flush or Empty DNS Cache

Too geeky? Nah.  I needed to flush or empty the DNS cache on my iMac. DNS means Domain Name System, it is the internet’s tool that maps a human friendly URL such as dagnygromer.wordpress.com to a numeric IP address like The DNS is a distributed system where many domain name registrars maintain these mappings. 292 more words

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