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Best Way to Bootcamp Windows on OSX

I’m taking a bit of a break from the Microsoft posts. Well, I’m sort of taking a break. In this post I want to demonstrate the best way to use Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro Retina to run Windows and OS X side-by-side. 514 more words


Accordance at SBL/AAR 2014: 50% Off

If you’re at SBL/AAR 2014 this last day, Accordance Bible Software is offering the best deal I’ve ever seen from them: $250 gets you the (normally $499) … 51 more words


Using Xcode 6.1 for Makefile projects

As a newbie Mac user I am fascinated by the goodies OS X provides, so it was no question that I need to move my Linux HPC development into this environment. 218 more words


How to automatically login to your Mac without password

Is your Mac physically secure and you would like to configure your Mac to logon automatically without entering username and password, follow these steps… 67 more words


Windows 10 = OS X?

So Apple has always been a trend setter and pioneer in the field of technology, but what is with Windows 10? By looking at the preview there seems to be many similarities with Microsoft’s newest OS and Apple’s OS X. 108 more words


Installing IPython on OSX Yosemite

I was recently introduced to IPython, and got a bit frustrated trying to get notebook running on OSX. The first time I tried with pip, I learned a lot about conflicting dependencies. 150 more words