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Latest Solo NOTS Win

Just in from one of our students:

I just feel good.

Life is fun.

I’m much more able to really be in PT and enjoy what I’m doing, instead of getting my attention all tied up in something else. 49 more words


Jesus Christ Scientologist

“If Jesus Christ were alive today he would be a Scientologist,” declared Scientology OT John Travolta.

“I say this because a person can be a Scientologist and still practice their own religion.” 115 more words


Success on Solo Auditor Training- Espiritu

Many of you will recognize our friend Espiritu, from his frequent postings on “the blogs”:

Training Success
“I just had a good time today getting back into solo meter drills. 379 more words


Major Wins on Student's First Solo NOTS Sessions

We recently trained this student to Solo Audit on Ned for OTs.

Here is a win he volunteered after just a few of his first solo auditing sessions, on this powerful level: 67 more words


Clear certainty

By Lana M

Clear is an exact state – and unquestionably achievable. It was the goal of Clear that got me involved in Scientology to begin with, and it was a shining beacon for me for many a year. 323 more words


NOTs - off the tracks

By Milestone Two crew

It has become apparent, over recent time,  that a significant percentage of those we have met and helped have been NOTs case level, and have had their NOTs program mucked around with, have trouble, stop auditing, and get confused with the constant additions to their program. 2,446 more words


OT IX and OT X to be Released Soon!

“COB will soon release OT IX and OT X,” enthused Dr. Frank Wonderman, the Executive Director of OT Nirvana Services at Flag Land Base.

“And by way of lifting the curtain on Eternity to give Scientology parishioners a sneak peak at these miraculous levels, COB has authorized me to share the following: 436 more words