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Lady Loki and Lady Thor at Otakon 2014

 The other big cosplay Macey and I decided to do was Lady Loki and Thor. But we wanted classic sort of dresses for our look because we ended up with a nice big petticoat at our disposal. 385 more words


Otakon 2014: Artist Alley

 I was pleased to see the variety returning to Otakon’s Artist Alley this year in terms of style, series displayed, and even the wares themselves. The up and coming items seem to be zipper pouches (which started showing up a couple of years ago but which now have exploded), lanyards, and, surprisingly, scarves. 718 more words


Otakon 2014: Guests

It is time to talk about naming Japanese Guest panels again. Otakon 2014 was a clear lesson in how to name Japanese guest panels. If you just look at the attendance for each panel it shows you everything you need to know. 1,875 more words


Otakon 2014: 15-minutes with Sunao Katabuchi

The name of Sunao Katabuchi has found a place in people’s minds for two very different anime: the high octane action series Black Lagoon and his gentle and timeless film Mai Mai Miracle. 985 more words


Lucky star post mistake. Oops.

I know my ‘return to blog’ post was a boo-boo, as both my editor at Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, Justin Stroman, and FUNimation brand manager Gia Manry got in touch in me very quickly after I posted, letting me in on that FUNimation had snapped up the license for the Lucky Star anime (news was announced at this year’s Otakon), and that Viz Manga had snapped up the license for the manga recently, to be released digitally. 25 more words

Otakon 2014: Concerts

I’m sure the question everyone in charge of the Otakon musical selection had this year was “How do you follow-up Yoko Kanno and T.M.Revolution with a side of  1,735 more words


Too Old for Otaku?

This year I did something I hadn’t done in a long time (since 2010 actually).

I went to Otakon.

Years ago this was just part of my summer routine. 631 more words