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Stages of Being an Anime Fan.

I like anime, I have a folder just for them and I leave my computer overnight to download some of them. And this leads us to the Stages of Being An Anime Fan. 389 more words


What the eff is an "Otaku"?

You must’ve heard about a hundred definitions of an otaku. As a self-identifier of an otaku (but not a super omega ultimax level), I’m here to clear up some misconceptions. 596 more words


Wonder Festival: What it is and an Analysis of the Figure Market

If you keep up to date with a lot of anime and comic related news, there’s a good chance that you may have noticed a lot of activity this past weekend. 880 more words


Genshiken EP11-1

Kasukabe starts to be irritated because they wouldn’t start the meeting they’re supposed to have.


Anime Japan 2014 Anime Flyers

I didn’t put watermark in here so enjoy~ For personal use only



Cards Against Otakus: Being An Otaku Pack

It’s Cards Against Otakus Tuesday! This week’s theme is Being an Otaku! Here’s a bunch of inside jokes to help keep you and your friends entertained while you wait in line to meet your favorite voice actor. 105 more words


The Story of How I Met My Husband

A Picture of me and My Husband at our Engagement Dinner 7 years ago

I blacked out my husband’s face because he doesn’t want to appear on my blog XD  So today is my 7th wedding anniversary.   1,173 more words