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Levi Character Analysis: Episode 21: Female Titan


Ok, I was sleeping and dreaming about this. I just HAVE to get this out of my system. I have wanted to do an analysis of Levi for a while now, despite the fact that he is NOT my favorite character from Attack on Titan, Eren is. 2,428 more words


Eirukun, Reporting for Duty!

Finally! A blog of my own! Yay!  :D

First things first, the courtesies! Earl Manga here, certified Otaku, avid Toy fan and collector, and pretty much your chubby guy next door, haha! 97 more words


DYEN, Bro? has a booth at Air Captial Comic Con!

We officially have a booth at Air Captial Comic Con in Wichita, KS and are on the exhibitors list!
We’d like to thank all our amazing fans for making this possible! 35 more words


Check out Sophii's Cosplay Page!

Sophii has started up her own cosplay page to share her cosplays, WIP photos and more!
Click HERE to go and ‘like’ it!


Ep 1- 4 Review: Love Stage!!

With the anime series almost half way finished, Love Stage!! has already proven to be one of the popular choices this season. Based on the popular BL/Yaoi manga by Tsuda Mikiyo and Eiki Eiki, Love Stage!! 503 more words

Stages of Being an Anime Fan.

I like anime, I have a folder just for them and I leave my computer overnight to download some of them. And this leads us to the Stages of Being An Anime Fan. 389 more words