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Ed Elric's automail charcoal drawing by teen artist Jay

I decided to draw Ed Elric’s automail arm after I browsed #automail and saw @sora_ritsuka ‘s fabulous automail art :D This is just a rough sketch, I’ll be coloring and shading it on my tablet. 108 more words


Genshiken EP13-10

Kasukabe despaired of Kuchiki arriving at her emergency, however, unexpectedly, he started breaking the situation. 502 more words


Drawing an Anime Girl in a Witch's Room

I think this is my first hand-drawn piece that I have ever published :)
Feel free to check out my blog : http://themangakainyou.com/drawing-halloween-anime-girl/


Conclusion Wednesdays: Princess Jellyfish

I am a mixture of emotions when I ponder upon the end of episode 11 of Princess Jellyfish. I have been intrigued by the art of the manga for a long while now but have never fully sat down to actually watch the show until spotting it on Netflix. 568 more words

Soul Eater: What Is It About/Is It For Me?

Soul Eater was one of my first animes and I’m really thankful for watching it so early on. Watching Soul Eater helped me develop an open mind with different styles of anime at the very start of my otaku journey. 177 more words


Nendoism: A New Team

Nendoroid is one of the most popular anime figures nowadays, lots of awesome Nendoroid photos are being posted around the internet. Lots of figure collector teams are being formed as well. 198 more words


What is OTAKU?

Kalau membicarakan tentang J-pop culture , biasanya tidak akan jauh dari kata anime,manga,video game,drama,music dsb. Bagi kalian penggemar anime dan manga mungkin biasanya disebut sebagai anime lovers atau manga lovers,tapi tahukah kalian ada sebutan khusus bagi penggemar hal itu di jepang.Negeri asal anime dan manga berasal ,yaitu Otaku Mungkin beberapa kalian ada yang sudah dekat dengan kata Otaku tapimungkin juga masih ada yang asing dengan kata tersebut,tapi sebenarnya apa sih Otaku itu? 1,070 more words