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Avril Lavigne "Hello Kitty"

Pop singer Avril Lavigne gets in on the Hello Kitty celebration with this annoying dub-step-pop-dance-electro-bad rapping-kawaii-bass pounding, make your ears bleed pop-track.  Is this a “Love It” or “Hate It?”  Vote or just hit the like or dislike button.


Only in Japan: Avengers and Pokemon Collide!

This animated Marvel series Avengers:  Disc Wars is localized for the Japanese market combining anime and Pokemon influences.  The kid in me wants this here and I would watch it, I’m a sucker for anything Marvel.  51 more words


The Ultimate Optimus Prime, Like Ever!

If you ever wanted a super detailed action figure of Autobot leader Optimus Prime, well this is the Ultimetal Transformers Optimus Prime.  At first I thought this was a April’s Fool Joke by TFsource, a Transformers website, but it’s not.  92 more words


Monster Massacre Vol. 2 "East Meets West"

Monster Massacre is back with more deadly femme fatales and sexy gun grinding action.  Monster Massacre Volume 2 showcases the top two art studios in Asia.  272 more words


Toy Box Break!

This past weekend we had a fun Retrenders box break!  Since we have buddies living in Japan and Hong Kong, we had them doing some “Toy Hunting”, specifically Transformers and Tomica toys.


Super Mario Kart for Toddlers

Too bad this fresh looking designed Super Mario Kart vehicle by Creative Cedar Designs is only for little kids.  Drats, I would buy this myself!


Steampunk Style

Over the years the science fiction genre Steampunk has exploded into books, comics and Steampunk conventions taking place around the country and now Titan Books with Steampunk Oriental Laboratory has put out an incredible magazine-style book on Steampunk fashion and gizmos.  227 more words