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You're Invited: Life Sciences Innovation Showcase, featuring U of M and Mayo research

Ten years ago, a University of Minnesota pediatric bone marrow transplant team successfully treated two patients with epidermolysis bullosa — a fatal skin disorder where children suffer from painful blisters and lesions — by providing them with new cells that could improve their skin. 928 more words


Big changes for penny stocks

May 1st there will be Big changes for penny stocks. All QB stocks a penny or less will automatically be dropped down to the pink sheets. 25 more words

Book Signing

I’m talking to some people about doing a book signing, and have been thinking about expanding the tour to nearby coffee shops, book stores and businesses. 33 more words

Translating Brand Experiences to Trade Shows

While trade shows are a great opportunity to meet other professionals in your field, it can be daunting to think of a great way leave an impression after show-goers leave your booth. 287 more words

Target Your Market

www.PennyStockWatchlists.com - Week Of April 7th 2014 - $SMVI $PMRS $MINE $UTRM $KNSC $MYEC

Howdy Folks!

$SMVI – Broke outta the trips and has headed higher since. I do believe this has a move higher. I am watching this for consolidation so we can determine the new floor. 231 more words

My Spring Break

This post doesn’t have anything to do with Alaska, but I thought it would be cool to talk about what I did during my break. Last week, my swim team and I went to Colorado Springs and trained. 171 more words


www.PennyStockWatchlists.com - March 31st Week 2014 - $ORFG $CBYI $FDMF $MINE $BAYP

Howdy Folks!

$ORFG – Been radaring this stock for a while now. Has been selling off due to the lackluster company updates. Key here is if the company does update asset values. 244 more words