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Othello, Act II

We begin Act II with two gentlemen and Montano, who represents Venice in Cyprus. The three look out to the ocean, where a terrible storm has likely destroyed the Turkish fleet (so much for that plot point). 1,037 more words

Dead White Guys

The Absurdist Shakespeare

The works of the French philosopher and intellectual Albert Camus stand among the most important of post-war French literature. Indeed, they count among the most important works of modern, 20th century literature by any measure. 2,641 more words

Philosophical Meanderings

Down - pt. 1

Briefly: The power goes out, Othello tries to bring Tern up to speed on what happened while he was in Garamine. Words: 1,531


Wind was a facet of life in Virtry, particularly in the fall months. 1,574 more words


Othello, Act I

And we’re back! Today we begin our discussion of Othello. Feel free to follow along here if you haven’t had a chance to read. 1,030 more words

Dead White Guys

Shakespeare’s Machiavels

King Lear and Othello feature an abundance of Machiavellian figures.  As the titular characters of both plays hold positions of power, Shakespeare presents Machiavels with a sort of prey towards which they can direct their malevolent efforts.   1,700 more words


"I Will Wear My Heart Upon My Sleeve For Daws to Peck At"

At the conclusion of Friday’s opening night, I said to a director for whom I have worked and have an incredible amount of respect and admiration, “I feel like I just gave birth.” She replied with a knowing look, “Yup. 1,239 more words

Emilia and the Motives of Iago in Othello

Dr. Gary Scudder discusses the Shakespeare play Othello and the age-old question of why Iago did what he did.  In his talk Dr. Scudder focuses on one sentence spoken by Iago’s wife… 19 more words

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