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U is for Underwater on Thirsty Thursday

Ol’ Wally caught a break on today’s letter.

Underwater is not for squirrels, but it’s home and safety for many aquatic animals.

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More From Lahore

Here’s a little sketch I did in Lahore at the weekend. We’d gone to visit the old part of the city and ended up at Cooco’s Den, a famous restaurant in the red light district. 90 more words


What Kind Of Insect Is This?

To be honest, I am not sure what kind of thing this insect on the photo is. My mother took the image when they drove to the… 127 more words


Mouse In The Grass

I love the image above. My mother shot the photo and it is the mouse of my half-brother. My mother has a big plant pot on the balcony full of grass. 42 more words


S is for Snake

Sneaky Snake. Slithery Snake. Hisssy Snake.

Bet you’ve heard all those. This one’s a Ring-necked snake, one of the bigger ones I’ve seen, probably ten inches…and no, I didn’t try to stretch him out to check, because Ring-necked snakes do have a venom in their back teeth, and I didn’t need it latching onto my paw. 79 more words

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One of Nature's Mysteries To Solve

Hey there!

We have come to another Sunday in the Blogging A to Z Challenge, and another Sunday off for good behavior! (Honest, they really tell us that.) So here’s your nature mystery: 139 more words

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