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Leumi Card that earns miles on United

I only like to fly United to the US, and was very excited to see this offer from United and Leumi Card.  I won’t be gicing up my shufersal card because of the great discounts, but this is a very attractive alternative to my regular Visa.

For information, click here.

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Food Sales/News Roundup 2 April 2014

Some interesting tidbits from Wednesday’s paper:

  • Starkist is now offering a six-pack of tuna at a special price.  Look for it in your local supermarket. (KLP- kitniot)
  • 304 more words
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Food News Roundup

Too small for a full blog post but too large to ignore.  Here are the latest tidbits from various news sources:

1.   As we all know, winter is almost over and we have not had the greatest rainfall this season.   488 more words

Other Assorted Posts

NEW PAGE: Organizational Tools

For those who were interested, there is a new page with all of the Pesach lists.  I will add more during the year.

Feel free to send me any of your tools- I would be happy to post them as well.

Now, back to mishloach manot.

Other Assorted Posts