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The Milky Wars- is Berlin the new Tel Aviv?

If you haven’t been immersed in holiday preparations, you heard about the anonymous Israeli living in Berlin who posted to Ynet’s Facebook page about how cheap food prices are in Berlin compared to Israel.   507 more words

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Travel tips: using a smartphone in chul

Spontaneity is good when traveling- the ability to easily rearrange your schedule when faced with snarling traffic, closed restaurants, and delayed flights prevents your trip from becoming the disaster of a lifetime.   728 more words

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Travel tips: The cheapest place to buy duty-free items

In my opinion, the best marketing gimmick used by the duty-free stores in Israel is the ability to purchase items, leave them in the airport and pick them up on the way back.   231 more words

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Travel tips: getting to and from the airport

Some of us have family who don’t mind being woken up at odd hours to run over to the airport.  The rest of us have to figure out the cheapest way to get there.   213 more words

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Travel tips: getting foreign currency

Sukkot is the time that most Israelis travel- abroad, in Israel or wherever- especially after this past summer when most of us were cooped up and afraid to venture out.   99 more words

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How much does it cost to be vegan in Israel?

Today is Meatless Monday, promoted around the world and in Israel by the Environmental Protection Ministry (Haganat Hasviva) as a way to be healthier and put less of a strain on the environment.   423 more words

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Kosher turkey bacon has come to Israel!

Turkey bacon, the healthy alternative to pork bacon in chul, has arrived in Israel and is now kosher!  It has no artificial colors, no trans fat, no MSG and is gluten free.   49 more words