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World of Darkness development halt; CCP Games Atlanta is closed

CCP Games put out a press release earlier today that states the Atlanta branch has been closed, where 56 people have lost their jobs, and cancelling the… 45 more words

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Featured Minecraft Mob: The Slime!

The slime is a hostile mob that lives in the normal world and it is in a shape of a green cube, it can see through objects and try to get to you in a straight line no matter what stands in its way including hazards such as lava, cactus’ and many other hazards. 424 more words


Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Announcement Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming addition to the Civilization series has been released and it’s a very interesting premise. Those who have played previous Civ incarnations know the premise – expand, survive and dominate. 65 more words

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Game #124: Sedris, the Traitor King

Game #124: Sedris, the Traitor King
Date: 2014-04-02
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Balthor; Sisters of Stone Death
Result: Neutral Loss


This was the very first time I even did test draws with this deck (which meant I had to reshuffle twice before I got a hand with any land). 500 more words

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Ourai no Gahkthun [Unboxing]

So for my next Steampunk endeavor I’m going to try Ourai no Ghakthun which is the 6th installment! God it’s hard getting the Steampunk series games these days especially the limited editions…sold out everywhere! 200 more words


My New Headdress On Animal Jam

As you probably know, I play Animal Jam! Animal Jam is an amazing virtual! When I joined Animal Jam just before Halloween I always wanted a Headdress to complete my style, yesterday I finally got a Headdress thanks to my buddy on Animal Jam! 223 more words

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