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Pizza Capricciosa

Yummy!! Have you tasted the new recipe of Pizza Capricciosa? I love it! Ever since my grandma gave me this special recipe it is a real treat for my family. 49 more words

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

How do you decide who does what in life? It’s the old fashioned way that counts: Rock Paper Scissors, in a cartoon Japanese style! But how good are you at this game? 32 more words

Fog Sudoku

The classic mind-wracking math puzzle game is now online! With a brad new look: the old fashioned news paper style. Fill in each gap with the correct number from 1 to 9. 47 more words

Feed Me Moar 2

There’s only one way to fight these aliens—that’s by overfeeding ‘em.

PLAY: Feed Me Moar 2

A Long Awaited Return To Descent

This week’s board game session was short, but lit up my face as we finally got back around to a game on our shelf that I’ve been dying to play again: Descent. 578 more words

Other Games

30 Years of Creating

I just put together a new animation showcasing my 30 years working in the game industry.


New Game - Old Art: Going "Back to the Roots" With A New Game Idea!

Dear readers, fellow gamers and game designers!

I am ever so restless when it comes to new game ideas and one just recently came to me when I had two ideas at the same time pretty much or rather one leading immediately to the other: 2,012 more words