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1/6 Synthetic Human From TOA

Oh my! It’s been more than a week I didn’t write anything. Sorry, too much work to do.

A few months a go, I Pre Ordered the 1/6 Human Synthetic Figure from TOA 1000 Toys company. 356 more words

Other Hobbies

Popcon Asia 2014

On Saturday, I went to Popcon Asia 2014. It’s an event that bring pop culture to the society. Most of the participants are the local artist, local illustrator, and also international. 438 more words

Other Hobbies

Lego The Hobbit: The Goblin King Attack

Back to my Lego life. I finally finished all The Hobbit lego. Now waiting for the new set to be released. Last one I built is The Goblin King Attack. 197 more words

Other Hobbies

Lego The Hobbit: Dol Guldur Battle And Dol Guldur Ambush

Before I went to Japan, I build my Lego The Hobbit: Dol Guldur Battle and Dol Guldur Ambush. Why both of them? Because the ambush is basically the extension of the battle. 150 more words

Other Hobbies

Day 4, FujiQ Highland Theme Park

Day 4th is the most interesting one. We will go to FujiQ Highland theme park. From the review, it’s all about roller coaster and thrilling ride. 344 more words

Other Hobbies

Day 3 Extended Trip

Third day extended trip, today is akihabara day.. Hunting hunting hunting hunting hahahaha.. I planned to meet up my friend, Asami , at 6 so I have time to hunt gundam and tools before. 535 more words

Other Hobbies