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Episode 46

Attack on Dreadnought

Shepard makes contact with the Quarians and is reunited with Tali. She learns that the Quarians have launch a final desperate battle against the Geth which turned south when the Geth went to the Reapers for help. 25 more words


Rundown the Street (July 2014)

Slow news month. That said, much of the news we do have is of companies pissing off their fans. Funny, that.


Finding the Words

This is an excellent article appearing in the New Yorker online. Poet Edward Hirsch writes about the loss of his son, Gabriel at age twenty-two. It is a moving and thought-provoking piece. 74 more words


I'm addicted to bookstagram

Last month, I joined Instagram.

I really wanted to participate in #30daysofbookstagrams because it combines two of my hobbies: photography and reading. I’ve had to get a little creative with my phone and tablet because I don’t own many physical books, but I’m pleased with most of my photos. 131 more words


Kacy Caranzaro, the Ninja Warrior!

This woman is spectacular. If you haven’t seen Kacy Catanzaro then here’s your chance below:

Truly a Ninja Warrior and the first female athlete to complete it; I bow respectfully for her achievements, she’s trained hard and gotten it done. 52 more words

Other Media


Gotham, where criminals rise and fall to the Bat…wait, no Batman? seriously? This is a prequel!…well that’s different. Take a look at a brief teaser and see what you think. 94 more words

DC Comics

Shame on you Spielberg...

So apparently it’s illegal to hunt Triceratops. That damn Steven Spielberg for killing that poor defenseless animal…

It reads:

James: ” That’s Steven Spielberg director of Jurassic Park” 21 more words

Other Media