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What Suffering Does

Here is an article from the New York Times on Suffering.

What Suffering Does

It poses some interesting questions and makes some cogent observations. He is correct when he says that you crash through the floor of your personality, into deeper and deeper zones of the unknown. 49 more words


I'm reluctant to join social networking sites

As all of you probably know–look at the name of this blog–I am a journalist. Well, depending on who you ask, that may be a slight exaggeration. 527 more words


Episode 29

Loose Ends

With the excitement of the Citadel attack behind her, Shepard helps Cortez keep a promise, and runs into an old friends who’s joined Cerberus! 9 more words


Videotape of the Devastating Act

Here is exclusive videotape of what appears to be a Sand-Dragon, named Neckrel, currently destroying and devastating a couple of nests, home to dozens of creatures. 97 more words

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