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Comic: Ivar, Timewalker #1

A new comic book showed up this week that may interest fans of this blog. It’s from Valiant Comics and is called Ivar, Timewalker. I picked up a 12 page preview of it at my local comic shop and it looks interesting enough. 9 more words


If Life Were Made of Moments

Recently, as I’ve been setting up this site and getting things organized, I’ve been importing my favorite posts from older blogs. In doing so, I’ve come to recognize some changes in the way I think many of my favorite pieces of media, including pieces I’ve written in the last several years on on… 1,683 more words

Thoughts On Media

“Wonder Woman #600” - (‘Fuzzy Logic’)

My human is a fan of the fictional super-heroine “Power Girl.” He insists that it’s because she’s a confident, intelligent, no-nonsense woman who isn’t afraid to “throw down” and brawl like a brute. 935 more words

Who Am I?

Something is over. In the deepest levels of my existence something is finished, done. My life is divided into before and after.

— Lament for a Son, Nicholas Wolterstorff…

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For some reason, I have been unable or unwilling to write anything for the past few weeks, so I continue to share words and thoughts from fellow travelers. This one hits home for me. Yes, my life is divided into before and after. Moving through this world as a guest. Watching other people's holidays, other's people's happinesses, other peoples hopes and dreams. So little of this world is my own. Something is missing that can never be replaced. Time only heightens the magnitude of the tragedy, every day brings fresh insight as to what we lost. There are wounds no amount of time can heal.

Another one of those "What Not to Say to Bereaved Parents" posts

I know it’s really hard to know what to say to a bereaved parent. There are some really good books and blog articles out there on what to say or not say, though, and I would like to encourage people to read them should they know someone whose child died. 1,629 more words

Death Of A Child

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The title says it all. I have been facing many of the same issues Rebecca writes about, as all bereaved parents do. Her conclusion is one I have come to as well. We don't really need you to say anything, there are no words. What we need is for you to be there for us whether we need it or not. Not to "help us recover", there is no recovery for this. Don't disappear just because you think enough time has elapsed for the grieving parent to have 'moved on'. There is no moving on. Just moving forward. Everyone moves at their own pace, and the best thing you can do is walk with us, however long it takes.

“Yoga Cats" (2015 Calendar) by Dan Borris

For all that humans complain about the excessive use of airbrush and Photoshop nowadays, it seems quite clear that you lot truly know nothing of unnecessary cosmetic alteration. 303 more words