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Bold. Brave. Honest.

This article from The Guardian explains a bold, brave, honest act. Two artists destroyed two of their art works, two massive and well-loved street art murals, rather than let them be used for what they call the ‘zombification’ of the city. 42 more words

Other People's Words

And miles to go before I sleep

Words and I are going through a spat recently. My mind is a drought and my ideas are weak pitiable seedlings that wither faster than they can push through surfaces, and words have in turn, forgotten (or chose not to) to come together fluidly, gracefully, beautifully. 2,130 more words


Scavenging Hunt

piecing together


quotes funneled


through years and time and hands

finding the essence of me

of you

of us

within them

wrapping them in riddles… 42 more words

Poetic Words

Quote of the Day

irrational, adj.: You give me reassurances, and all I can do is wonder why you feel the ned to give me reassurances.   –David Levithan


'The Guardian' of what, exactly?

While the right-wing press is simply repugnant, they have nothing on the mushy liberal press when comes to moral blindness and smug posturing. Take the following excerpts from an editorial from… 472 more words

Other People's Words


Bill Blunden has written a lot about encryption for Counterpunch. On Nov 12 2014 he wrote a really interesting column about the breaching of ‘dark net’ anonymity. 87 more words

Other People's Words

The Sticks - real-time electronic beats

Every Tuesday in November, Alon Ilsar, inventor of the AirSticks will be performing at The Dock in Redfern.

This is live real-time electronic beats. Think Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus, but performed by actual musicians. 15 more words

Other People's Words