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Caruth on History

  • [T]he wound of the mind — the breach in the mind’s experience of time, self, and the world — is not, like the wound of the body, a simple and healable event, but rather an event that [...] is experienced too soon, too unexpectedly, to be fully known and is therefore not available to consciousness until it imposes itself again, repeatedly, in the nightmares and repetitive actions of the survivor. 
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Other People's Words

WCW on Poetry

All sorts of asses ‘love’ poetry. Why not? It confirms them in the assininity of their deepest beliefs. It underlies the racial laziness, the unwillingness to think, the satisfaction of feeling oneself part of the race and of having all posterity behind one in proneness and stupidity. 79 more words

Other People's Words

Survival Poem #17, by Marty McConnell

because this is what you do. get up.
blame the liquor for the heaviness. call in late
to work. go to the couch because the bed… 1,469 more words


Excerpt from my new 33 1/3 book: Danger Mouse's The Grey Album

After a fair amount of work, writing, listening, revising, editing, thinking, grumping, listening and revising. It is almost real:



Other People's Words

‘We tell ourselves stories in order to live’
Joan Didion

Other People's Words