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The media has ruined society

Facebook,Twitter,magazines, the news. All of these things have contributed to the destruction of society today. Wherether we turn, there is something or somone telling us how to look, how to feel, we’re never good enough for society anymore. 343 more words

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Once in a while I go off on a tangent and write about something other than movies. On Saturday , I did something a little different. 339 more words

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Biggest project yet- eek!

My sister is 16 and has her prom coming up in June or July (I really need to find out!) and we’ve been out a few times to try on dresses etc but prom dresses are expensive!! 221 more words

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Working title, Friends Soup

The people I care about are a varied ‘soup’ !
There’s family, childhood, film n art mates, sports, and interest groups
It’s about what happens when you become friends, 27 more words

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Don't Forget To Lift Your Feet When You Land

My sister is on a plane at this very moment, flying back from Canada, and just before her plane took off, I sent her a text to this effect: 450 more words

Caroline Adele O'Brien

Ivy Covered Walls

Harvard is a strange place. It seems benign enough – it’s just brick walls, strangely more or less devoid of actual ivy,  and amazingly resilient lawns which have survived the trampling feet of more tour groups than you could ever really imagine existing. 327 more words

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LENT 2014

I thought it would be appropriate to share with you that for Lent ’14 I am going to give up….PROCESSED SUGAR.

I am not religious or anything but my extreme lack of will power enjoys having a goal, something to work towards, so I like to adopt lent to try and better myself. 136 more words