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Fight or Flight Response

I wasn’t planning on writing a post until the weekend, but am currently reading a book and have stumbled across one of the best explanations I’ve read for the… 470 more words

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Thoughts on Girl Online controversy as a Creative Writing student.

Tagline: At the risk of sounding butthurt.

The internet’s been all in storm about Zoella, the makeup, YouTube vlogger whose book Girl Online sold 80,000 books in a week (something of a record in the UK book industry), but turned out to be ghostwritten by writer Siobhan Curran. 847 more words

On Writing

Cheesy Art

Writing about art is always cheesy because it’s designed to make us feel things. You should never self censor because you’re worried it sounds cheesy.

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Note to self.

Places not to visit if you are black: NYC

Seriously. If I were a black man in New York, I would walk everywhere with my hands over my head – and it still might not do me any good. 328 more words

Other Ramblings