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Google Glass Review - Guest Author: @SubaneAbdi93

Guest post written by Subane Abdi:

Google Glass… What exactly is Google Glass?

Well, this topic has been circulating the net for the best part of two years, ever since testing began in the spring of 2012. 1,160 more words


Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 Review - Guest Author: @MrFuZ16


Guest post written by Zayne Fulat:

So, what happens when the girl from Avatar, the loveable idiot from Parks and Rec, the Iron Giant, the cool guy from the Hangover and a former wrestler all become superheroes in charge of saving the galaxy from utter annihilation? 1,154 more words

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DISK Wars Avengers 7: Captain America VS Hulk [400th POST!]

The title says it all, the soldier fights the monster! And while that happens Spider-Man is captured by the villains, and it’s up to Jessica and Ed to save him. 518 more words

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TMNT S02E10: Fear-Fungus

The Turtles faces a group of mushrooms that have the ability to spread spores that causes the infected to hallucinate their fears! Basically the Turtles meeting Scarecrow. 499 more words

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nickelodeon)

John Scalzi's Review of Atlas Shrugged

A friend recommended this review of Atlas to me by science fiction author John Scalzi, so I thought I’d share it here (spoilers!): http://whatever.scalzi.com/2010/10/01/what-i-think-about-atlas-shrugged/.

I liked the review, without necessarily agreeing with every word, which isn’t surprising since I also like most of what I’ve read by Scalzi. 11 more words

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A note on modernisation - stop it.

Over the course of the last couple of years, I have seen several productions of Shakespeare: 1 in the Globe, 3 in the Swan, 1 in the National, 1 in Trafalgar Studios, 1 in Riverside Studios, 1 in the Minack and 1 on film. 1,140 more words


DISK Wars Avengers 6: Rampaging Hulk

Spider-Man offers Chris a chance to be a hero with the Captain America DISK, but Chris is reluctant to do so. More like he doesn’t want to do it at all. 833 more words