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what i see

I am watching the deep yellow crescent moon with airplanes twinkling as moving stars descend into the darkening setting sun.

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The Vicious (But Delicious) Cycle

Be forewarned: This post will make you hungry and also hate me.

So this is pretty much how it goes for me during the week. Wake up, work out, work, play softball or basketball or something, relax, sleep. 571 more words


Goal of The Month: JULY

This month I challenged myself to walk my dog every single day. I usually only walk him of a weekend because I think I’m too busy during the week. 444 more words

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Prayers of the (Mostly) Faithful

I never prayed at bedtime when I was little. I’d see kids doing it in movies and on television, but it just wasn’t a part of our routine. 688 more words

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Birds and Breakfast - Today's Gifts

Sometimes things come up quickly, like this morning’s breakfast with a few colleagues. The plan was hatched a couple of days ago. Date, time and place were decided on and…. 193 more words

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Why the FDA's Latest Move on Chicken Inspection Is Literally Full of Sh*t (Guardian)

Remember, this article is on mass-produced chicken from the supermarket.
There are alternatives to being a vegetarian if that lifestyle change is not for you.
182 more words

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Cool Sports Thing of the Day: 7/31/14

It’s the MLB trade deadline today, so those will probably cover this. Rather than just pick one thing to be our Cool Sports Thing today, we’ll be covering any trades that happen to some degree. 13 more words

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