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Golden Nugget

God is not logical.
To all the left brain thinkers who want it to compute logically, to be a standardized process, for God to calculate things accurately according to human thinking and mathematical equations we humans know to be truth….God won’t ever fit into that box. 15 more words


Summer 2014, week 7


…..I very much like big family dinners. Especially when there’s an abundance of yummy seafood.


…..Family gatherings mean family history lessons! I have more ideas for things I want to write….. 134 more words

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The General Counsel of the NLRB Opens the Door for Franchisors to be Liable for the Actions of their Franchisees

By Ashley T. Kasarjian, Michael J. Coccaro and Gerard Morales

In a directive that has rocked the franchise world, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB” or the “Board”) Office of the General Counsel determined that McDonald’s USA, LLC, as the franchisor, could potentially be held liable for the actions of its franchisees under the “joint employer” theory. 889 more words

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something wrong with modern education

The other day I wrote a post about realising your dreams.

It’s very pretentious to bark out what someone should do with their life, to point them in the… 573 more words

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Too......expensive T__T

Just bought those cosmetic

The BB cream is soooooo expensive and it so……tiny (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

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New Zealand

I just want to say whoever is reading my stuff from New Zealand . . .

You are absolutely awesome ! Thank you for reading means the world to me that I’m reaching out to somebody so far away. :-D

Rafelina Michelle


This post is rather overdue, seeing as I came back just over three weeks ago, but better late than never. To cut to the chase, I spent three weeks in Seattle and the Bellevue area in June. 924 more words

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